little creatures + other stuffs made with love + heart

there was movement at the station for word had got around...
my assistant hard at work (not)
gotta have my lady grey :)
my assistant hard at work
love my life so much

little creatures + other stuffs made with love + heart

what's a leveret I hear you ask? ~ why! a baby hare
✻ Welcome to the leverets nest where I make hares, squirrels and other little furries as I'm watched over by Wesley my rescue rabbit ✻
♥ great news! - I'm helping NOWZAD dogs and the soldiers with my Drive Safe Hares
all handmade with lots of love and care by me here in Edinburgh, Scotland

wanna know a bit about me? ~soldier~writer~artist~

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in a tiny warren just beside the cold North Sea I can be found working thru the quiet sparkling night making small creatures filled with love.

Each beastie comes with their own original witty, heartfelt fun story that I muster up.
They are mostly set in Scotland, in an area of beautiful and diverse geographical features not far from my home and if you stop by one day, I can show you.

I like to enhance the personality of my textile soft sculpture art with these wee stories and bring their individual characters to light. Cause that hare you see in the field could be a very shy one who really loves quiet days sitting in shady spots or the squirrel you see in the tree could be a very mischievous one who loves exploring and getting his paws dirty, and that is what my stories bring out, these unique characteristics.

and aside from exercising my brain, I also like to make other adorable stuffs that make you smile lots, things that make you happy, and stuffs you are proud and pleased to covet yourself and give as gifts and heirlooms. Plus I love to support rescue rabbits, stray dogs and serving soldiers

~ this is my life ~ I love the life I live ~

thank you xx♥
owner, maker, designer, writer, stuffer, packer, bunny slave,
Welcome to the leverets nest, Where I make little creatures, and other stuff, with love and heart, To fill your heart with love

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