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Announcement   Owner of this shop is in/out of hospital replies, shipping etc may be delayed. If you order your stuff will ship but not quickly if I have been hospitalized again (as of oct-nov I've been out but I will have surgery in future on heart, hip and leg as I'm currently in a wheelchair/bedbound). I will take auctions down if it is planned hospitalization if it is not and ambulance takes me it may be few days until I can respond.

The Little Blue Rat: Specializing in Wipes, Unpaper, Natural Skin care!

***I post codes on FB, like/subscribe us!***

I prewash all fabric on hottest wash/dry setting to ensure no shrinkage after you receive it, but the recommended care for all fabrics is cool or warm wash, dry low/air dry because high heats make your reusable items wear out faster.

*******FABRIC LIST can be found here!*******


Last updated on Jan 18, 2016

Owner of this shop is in/out of hospital replies, shipping etc may be delayed. If you order your stuff will ship but not quickly if I have been hospitalized again (as of oct-nov I've been out but I will have surgery in future on heart, hip and leg as I'm currently in a wheelchair/bedbound). I will take auctions down if it is planned hospitalization if it is not and ambulance takes me it may be few days until I can respond.

The Little Blue Rat: Specializing in Wipes, Unpaper, Natural Skin care!

***I post codes on FB, like/subscribe us!***

I prewash all fabric on hottest wash/dry setting to ensure no shrinkage after you receive it, but the recommended care for all fabrics is cool or warm wash, dry low/air dry because high heats make your reusable items wear out faster.

*******FABRIC LIST can be found here!*******


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katyinoh on Feb 18, 2015

5 out of 5 stars

Just as adorable as I had hoped. I love each & every imperfection ♡ Thank you for being awesome!


hoolehua on Jan 19, 2015

5 out of 5 stars

This lotion is amazing -- a literal cure-all! Thanks for the extras too. To everyone reading this: I know I just bought up all of Marci's lotion, but if you have any skin issues (dryness, zits, sensitivities, generally angry/pissed off skin) you should ask her to make you some. I have tried so many things on my face (including ridiculously expensive prescription stuff) and this is one of the *very few* that really works. Honestly. Try it.

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From sewing projects for our home to sharing my gift with others.

I started out making items for use around the house and for friends, most of them were tiny items to start out with, to replace disposable versions of similar items.

I NEVER thought I'd be making so many reusable items, which became one my top sellers when I decided to put a few in a couple of my online venues.

When my allergies got worse and I went into anaphylaxis from touching disposable paper items due to my corn allergy, I began experimenting with sewing replacements for everything from napkins, to paper towels to snack bags even though I was very skeptical. As it turns out, my family loved them too!

As much as I hate to openly admit it (simply because of the rudeness I've experienced from others regarding it), I'm a tree-hugger. I don't like destroying nature, or messing with it at all adding to landfill waste, and frankly I personally have no interest in using anything that was once an animals home (like a tree) just to serve my own purposes when there is a better option that can be used more than once. So while I first started making cloth items out of necessity, I fell very naturally into the life-style.

It is unethical, stupid, and selfish to not try to save the planet we all share. This is not a disposable planet, and frankly I get sick of seeing people who act like it is.

Paper products are bleached, chemically treated, and not actually sterile or healthy at all, just disposable. This statement extends to pretty much every white paper product you can think of.

Eventually I began making even more kinds of items (to replace disposable products) and showing random acts of kindness giving them to a strangers while out. I also offered them a business card so they could provide me feedback on my product later if they liked it, and so I could improve it if some aspects weren't right.

Thanks to the help of my customers, I've continued to grow as people share my information, this has meant the ability to carry more fabric choices and has brought a few more orders per month. I'm still a very small shop because I haven't had enough time (or good health) to expand to reach more customers, but I hope to grow into something even better than I am now!

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    I handle all your orders personally. Due to my health I rarely sew more than an item or two for the shop a month. I keep it stocked in a slow and steady wins the race form, and many month's I'm not up to it unfortunately.

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    Burlington, WA

    Don't have one my family mails for me if I'm too sick.

Shop policies

Last updated on November 26, 2014
I know people are often looking for "the best price" on everything they buy. I'm constantly trying to improve the materials I use where I can, and often carry expensive/rare/hard to find fabrics, and I charge what the item is worth. I don't use batting for ANY of the absorbent items I sell, batting is cheaper, but it doesn't perform well or last, if something says cotton core it has cotton terry, flannel or fleece in it). After materials I also need to still make a fair hourly wage, even though this is at best, a hobby, because of how few hours a month I'm able to work without it affecting my health, it is still not fair to me to make less than minimum wage for my time because it is hard work.

I have a tendency to undercharge for my hourly wage, sewn items often end up taking more than the 20 minutes wage I charge for most small items to reorder fabrics/prewash or iron material/cut/sew/apply snaps/buy postage etc (sometimes things have taken twice as long or more). Custom listings are even more time-consuming because I have to take sometimes hours I would normally spend sewing figuring the order out with the customer. Which is why I have had to bump prices up in some cases (like where I've custom dyed or bought fabric for the order after piling over my in-stock fabrics and finding nothing suitable).

This said, I try to be very fair, my goal is not/never will be becoming rich, but rather earning a fair amount so I can pay my bills and continue to run this shop, because I believe I'm doing something good here. Having something that is pretty, useful, comfortable, or any combination of the above makes you feel better about yourself and let's you be healthy. Less chemicals near your body from disposable items, no synthetic ingredients in your body products all equals feeling better, living longer, and being more comfortable and happy while you do it. Being rich would be nice (pay off medical bills, buy allergy-free food), but my only real reasons for saying that are having trouble meeting my most basic needs. I have no desire for most of the things people dream about when they dream about getting rich I just want to be fed, have my compounded corn-free medication, and have a roof over my head.

^^^Most of the items in this shop would be paid for with the same amount of money it takes to buy 25 disposable items with a similar use, and the soaps and other products I offer also give a lot of usage for the price. Example: One of the lotion sticks used to treat several blemishes will easily last you a month or more, a little goes a long way, and that is what it is designed to do!

Each reusable item, if well-cared for, has the potential to last you for years meaning you will easily get way more uses out of it than the initial investment costs you. Assuming you were spending .40 per disposable item, if you used a reusable item 6 times a month for 12 month's (and if you used it more you would save more from it, of course), you would save around $28 making what initially seemed expensive, a money saver in the long run.

Conventional products are often watered-down, my products only contain the ingredients to do the job, there is no water unless it is required to produce the product, so you get more of the ingredients you bought the product for, and less water, because you've already got plenty of water right?^^^

Accepted payment methods

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I accept paypal, personal checks and money orders. Orders sending payment in the mail will have to wait for it to clear before shipment.

Customs will be required to pay and accept my terms regarding the time it will take BEFORE they can be crafted. I've had to add this policy because of having crafted a lot of customs then having the buyer back out after sewing is complete.
I ship via usps priority or first class mail, depending on the size of your order. If your in a rush, let me know so I can list a custom with faster shipping method for you (the same goes if you need insurance or a more accurate international shipping rate).

^^^I DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, ask for a custom listing with the corrected shipping charges (guesstimates used by shipping calculators may be on the high side but then sometimes they have been way too low depending on the location)!^^^

If you do not request shipping insurance then shipping is at your risk, I absolutely hate to do this but I have no control of items after they leave my possession. If you would like insurance contact me. Although damages are rare, they do happen. Every effort is made to ship safely (I use waterproof mailers which are also rip-proof), but I cannot hand deliver every package so it is out of my control once I mail it no manner how carefully it is packed. Examples of damages incurred are, ripped stitches when the sorter twisted the package brutally, and broken snaps from a crushed package (think pancake pad it was all shattered like broken glass which I've never seen before with a kam snap).
Refunds and Exchanges


***Items in my shop are all HANDMADE, this means a machine did not mass-produce them and they make contain small flaws which do not affect performance, function, or the quality of the item, if you have questions about this, ask before you buy, or refer to the auctions pictures to see the exact item you are buying, front and back, and if you don't like it, don't buy it.

Items with significant flaws are sold as seconds and given a discount appropriate to the flaws. I take pride in the quality of the items I sell but they are not perfect. If there is something I miss, let me know. ***


I do not accept returns (due to the nature of the products I sell). I do not give refunds. If the item is significantly not as described (wrong print/color/item sent, which hasn't happened yet, but could), this is an exception to the no returns/refunds policy. However, the item must be returned in brand new, unwashed, unaltered, unworn condition to receive a refund/exchange (at which point if it was my mistake you will be refunded shipping charges and given further options on how we can make it right).

Ordering a cotton pad with monkies on it in light absorbency with a fleece back (and receiving exactly that) and deciding you don't like light absorbency monkey pads with fleece backs anymore is not an acceptable reason to return your item (or leave me a negative or neutral feedback). Read the auction, check what the core is, make sure what your buying is exactly what you want. Look at the pictures, does it match the colors you like front and back? I show you exactly what it looks like from multiple angles, I do this so you make the informed choice whether or not you like the item before it's in your cart, or in your possession..

I also tell you exactly what is in the item you are buying. Whether it is 1 layer of zorb, cotton and pul or hemp/bamboo inside. Read the auction! Every item will NOT work well for every customer, it is your responsibility to choose items which will fit you correctly, and which will do an adequate job for you, returns/refunds will not be issued because you order the wrong kind for yourself, if you are unsure which will work for you, feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to help you find something suitable (or even custom make it for you)!

^^^Pads without pul are NOT waterproof, they are leak-resistant meaning that normally the fleece will stop you from leaking through if you choose an absorbency adequate for your flow (most women prefer fleece backs because they don't retain moisture/breathe, ultimately making it way more comfortable). ^^^

Only full body pul is entirely waterproof (full-body pul is a waterproofing option I offer which is fully waterproof, including the wings, on top of this, fluffy pads with pul ALSO have core layers extending into the wings giving the pad extra staying power if you hit the wings). Pads with pul under the core only are not waterproof in the wings, only under the core. If you buy a pad without pul and your flow is too heavy for the absorbency you wear you will leak through it regardless of how well I make it. If, however, you have a Fluffy pad, as an example, with full-body pul which is leaking straight through top to bottom you need to let me know because this indicates a faulty batch of pul which I would need to fix with my supplier (it hasn't happened yet but it is possible).

Every buyer will not be happy with every shape/absorbency/fabric/style of item I make. Some buyers *need* pul or higher absorbency than others. This is why I offer custom orders and a lot of options on core layering. Please take advantage of it and order something adequate for your needs instead of buying one which will not work and leaving poor feedback for me which hurts my shop (even if other customers may never experience what you did).

That said, if you have issues not mentioned above, I will try to resolve them on a case by case basis, but my policy (due to past bad experiences with customers taking advantage while owning an online pet shop for years) is to not accept returns or give refunds.

It is extremely rare for a kam snap to break, I've only heard of it happening twice, but still, just to be safe, be gentle when unsnapping and ask for shipping insurance since that was the only other time a snap got ruined (crushed). If you get a broken snap, you can choose to have the pad sent back and the snap re-applied, you will pay the exact shipping for this.

I've lost 100's of dollars in my time owning shops being too nice and giving refunds to buyers who got exactly what they paid for (and they got to keep the item). When this happens I lose the potential profit from the item, the etsy/paypal fees, the money I paid to mail it, my good feedback rating, and however much extra money was refunded to the buyer (on top of the money lost when the buyer keeps the item, so essentially at that point I'm paying for the transaction to occur/earning nothing). It is unacceptable to take advantage of me, threaten me personally/threaten negative feedback.

Buyers who do this will be refused service in the future AND reported to etsy for harassment. I take this kind of behavior seriously, because if you do it to me, you could do it to other sellers in this community, and that thought just horrifies me, the sellers on this community are great people.

I CAN'T CONTINUE TO RUN THIS SHOP without making my return/refund policy more strict so please understand this was NOT done to screw honest buyers in any way, shape or form and if you come to me with a genuine problem you will not be ignored and will be taken care of.


I respond to most emails immediately (but expect delays if my healths been bad) and will try to help you if your request is reasonable and fair to both of us. But if you leave negative/neutral feedback and do not contact me about a problem, it becomes your problem not mine. You make my shop look bad without giving me a chance to resolve the issue for you.

I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE to buyers who cause me unwarranted stress (harassing me after being asked to stop, filing disputes instead of talking issues over and resolving them, etc), I have high blood pressure and get severe migraines (hospitalized) and health-wise anyone to cause me harm will be warned, before being banned if they do not stop.

IF YOU SUBMIT A DISPUTE without simply asking me to resolve your issue you are not welcome back, and will be refused service (tell me EXACTLY what you want, BE SPECIFIC and I will respond). I've owned shops for years but I'm not a mind-reader, and I've never been professionally trained for customer service, either, I'm a normal person like you and have to learn as I go.
Additional policies and FAQs
I ACCEPT CUSTOM ORDERS, buyer must make themselves available for the whole process, though (I had custom orders on another venue and the buyer changed their mind, another took weeks in between responses). All I ask is if you want me to custom order, you be reasonably available :)

IF YOU REQUEST A CUSTOM ITEM, I ask that you follow through with purchasing it in a timely fashion so I can get to CRAFTING and SHIPPING your order (I no longer craft before the custom has been paid for, also due to past issues).

***All menstrual pads can have snaps added to snap at 2.5 or 3 inches (7.5 inchers can be made to snap at 2 inches, and if you know how you want your pad to snap just let me know. Love the pad....not the width? I can make a removable wing-extenders for you (one works for entire set), or apply your snaps at the widest setting when I put them on. All you have to do is ask! If your pad scrunches in the middle, shifts your underwear into a ball, or has a raised bump, it is not wide enough for you. Often a wing extender resolves this problem completely.

***White or black industrial thread is used for every single item that comes out of my shop. Occasionally I will be able to find colors, but only a few shades usually. I know it isn't pretty colors but it is stronger and less likely to break if the seam is tested than common household sewing threads and I consider this more important than pretty colors for most products.

***Snaps (on bags with closures, pads etc) will be KAM resin snaps applied with an industrial press. I buy from a supplier who is not only supporting their family, but a large % of the proceeds from those snaps go to a dog rescue. I also support other small businesses where I can with my shipping/fabrics and occasionally (when business has been fast enough) will run actions where all proceeds minus materials go to Shriner's hospital for children.

***You can add extra layers (inserts/menstrual pads), or add PUL, for a quote let me know how many layers and of what you wish to add (flannel, terry, hemp/bamboo, modal, zorb currently available).

***Every size is available in every absorbency on cloth items. Message me to inquire about the cost!!!