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CHRISTMAS 2014 UPDATE: Christmas 2014 season is already here! I am currently taking a very limited number of stocking orders. I *may* still be able to get a few of them completed in time for Christmas...particularly if they are the "Santa with Candy Canes" or "Santa Hanging Stockings" style. Please contact me to find out for sure, or if you'd like to place an order for next year and I'll let you know if it is something I can do.

I will also have a few extra completed stockings that I will be listing in the 'In Stock Stockings' section as time goes on. These stockings are generally ready to go other than having to add a name at the top. I generally don't have very many of these, and they will usually go very fast!

Over the past few years I have literally made couple hundred of these stockings and have learned to streamline the process, so what might take a novice a couple of weeks only takes me a couple of days. Even so, each stocking is hand crafted to a high quality standard and this does take time. I have an infant daughter, 5-year-old son and wife at home who all need attention from time-to-time and I don't have a factory in China or India to rely on to pick up the pace. :)

I know waiting stinks and for some people who need a stocking (or stockings) for this Christmas, it will not be an option. I completely understand. If you decide you don't need your order for this Christmas I would still be happy to take your order! I know many of my customers have told me they have looked for a long time to find someone who makes these stockings. If you are willing to wait a bit longer, that someone is me. The reward for your wait will be top quality hand knitted Christmas stockings that will be part of your Christmas tradition for decades to come.

As much as I'd love to knit full time, that's not currently possible. I also work a full time job as well as a couple of different side jobs depending on the season, so it's a challenge to get stockings done quickly. I know these days many people are not used to having to wait for months to get something they order. Believe me, I wish I could send out stockings as fast as people order them, but it is just not possible. Each one is hand made just like your original, and I have a finite amount of time in each day to work on them. Remember, some things are worth waiting for. :) Thank you in advance for your understanding. Also, if you decided to place a stocking order, please add a note that you have read this and understand about the wait time...thank you!

*~*~*Remember, traditions like Christmas stockings are enjoyed for a lifetime. If you find me late in the season and I can't finish your stocking in time for this Christmas, you will have it ready for next Christmas and every Christmas after that! :)*~*~*

If you have have vintage stockings you want recreated, send me a message and I'll see what I can do!

~~~THE "LET'S AVOID MISUNDERSTANDINGS" SECTION :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I can't force people to read this stuff I write up here before they place an order, but at least it's here as an attempt to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment.

Please take note that if you place an order for an item that is listed in the "Special Order" section, this means that this item needs to be created from scratch and is NOT "IN STOCK" as the listing implies. To add items to my shop I have to indicate the number of items I am listing, which shows up as the number of items "in stock", even though for Special Order items they are not actually "in stock". I hope this is relatively clear. :)

If Christmas delivery is a requirement, please send me a message via the Etsy Conversation system or my email address listed below BEFORE you order. I will do everything I can to get a stocking done for you in time, and can sometimes shift things around to accomodate late orders. Even better, if Christmas delivery is NOT important to you, please let me know so I can prioritize appropriately. I CAN guarantee that the stocking you receive will be heirloom quality and that you'll proud to hang it in your home.

Clear as mud? Send me a message if you have questions!

If you prefer, you can contact me directly at ETSYSALES [!at] THELOOPYKNITTER.COM . At times if I am away from my computer I *may* answer inquiries more quickly that way since I can do so from my mobile phone.

-Mark ~The Loopy Knitter~

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