TheLysineContingency's Shop Announcement

☼❤☼❤☼ Good day to you all! I will be out of town from Thursday April 30th until Tuesday May 5th. I will keep the shop open during this time for purchases and convos but I want to let you know, all orders made during that time will go out on Wednesday May 6th. Any express or priority shipping upgrades made won't go out until then either. Please upgrade with this in mind. Thank you for your understanding!!!! (P.S. This slight delay shouldn't effect domestic Mother's Day shipping at all.) ☼❤☼❤☼

Search the word, SALE in the little Search This Shop bar right under this message ⬇ to find some super cute clearance items ☀ ☁ ☂ ~Jamison

♥♥♥ All group wedding orders get 10% off! ♥♥♥ Ask me how it works :) ♥♥♥

Bulk orders, use coupon codes as follows for discounts:

BULK5 minimum order of $100.00 = 5% off
BULK10 minimum order of $200.00 = 10% off
BULK15 minimum order of $300.00 = 15% off
BULK20 minimum order of $400.00 = 20% off

Here at The Lysine Contingency, I make antique books into fabulously bizarre and wonderful jewelry and accessories. All pieces are made by hand, using only the finest supplies found right here on Etsy. All antique print collages are created by me from the
✿ original ✿ source material and I claim exclusive copyright 2010-15...and beyoooond (said with a Flash Gordon voice).
All "Six Birds" crow in tree images are used with permission of photographer Jackie Jeffries. Viva small businesses and artists with vision! ♥♥♥

★ Custom orders: Unfortunately I am not able to take special orders for single pieces. I can however, do custom bulk orders if you buy 5 or more pieces. I super love doing weddings and offer a wicked discount for them. Please convo me with your idea and let's make something special for you!

☆ SAFARI USERS-If you are having a problem with PayPal check-out, ✿ use Firefox ✿. Safari and PayPal aren't good friends :(

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.