TheMagickHearth's Shop Announcement

......Home is where the magick happens. Offering unique magickal items to enhance the path of The Old Ways. Crafted with mystical love and respect for those who believe in Magick....

As a mother/daughter team for ten years we have followed The Path of The Old Ways. Our heritage of Irish, Scottish and Native American (Cherokee) ancestry provides us the unique ability in crafting our home, hearth and recipes with an insight into the magickal properties of herbs, stones, nature, Earth and Goddess. We attribute our knowledge to a) heredity, b) natural instinct and c) curiosity.

All my items are made and sold with the Wiccan Rede as our guide, as well as inspiration from the Goddess and the moon phases.

Please note that Positive Energy encompasses all the items for sell on The Magick Hearth. We adhere to the motto: Harm No One.

We are honored for you to purchase from The Magick Hearth. It gladdens our hearts that wemay have some small part in your magickal workings, purposes and intents, whatever they may be!
Blessed Be!