TheMortarandPestle's Shop Announcement

~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Surprise In Every Box :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Welcome! My shop is dedicated to providing the highest quality, good old fashioned, spiritual supplies. All of the items in my shop are hand made. Then they are blessed by me, on my personal altar :) See that picture above on the right? That's my favorite little working altar. It's an old drop front secretary desk that I found in an alley. My son and I dragged it home and I fixed it up, with love. That's where the magic happens, folks!

And by the way, the picture on the left, that's my daughter. Cute, isn't she! :)

I love making oils, all those herbs and roots are so beautiful to me. I am definitely a fan of chunky oils, and, they have to smell good to me or I won't use it! Oils and herb blends are my favorite items to use in my workings. I do a lot of candle spells and I've always made my own oils. When I started out, I would go to the occult shops and botanicas; I would look at the oils and they just didn't look right to me. They didn't smell right either, they usually smelled and looked fake and mass produced :P They definately didn't look as though someone had made them with love and intent! When I make my goods, I try to imagine the person who will use it. They are buying this item because something may not be right in their life and they need a little help from the universe. I want people to benefit from my goods, and it is my sincerest wish that all who use my spiritual goods will be helped and blessed abundantly. I truly believe that with faith, hard work, a kind spirit and a little magic, you can accomplish anything! But, you have to put in the effort. You can't just sit on your butt waiting for a miracle, you have to work for it. Hey, the universe helps those who help themselves ;)

I do not include instructions with the items. I assume that if you are purchasing spiritual items that you know how to use them, what they are for, and have an intended use in mind. There are many books and online sources for spells, workings, and candle rituals. I do, however, give suggestions in all of my product descriptions.

All items are my own recipes. I've come up with my own version of just about everything, I like doing it my own way with my personal touch. Everyone has their little secrets and ways of doing things ;) Even though many of my goods are traditional in their composition, I usually throw a secret or two into the mix. Over the years I've become friends with certain herbs, roots and oils and they end up in a lot of my creations :) I also make all my own labels, I'm crafty like that XD

I always include surprises and coupons with every order, just my way of saying thank you and sharing the abundance :)

Thanks for looking!

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