ThePatternStopShop's Shop Announcement

✄✄ Welcome to the re-opening of ThePatternStopShop! Glad to be back! The first of January 2014, my mother became suddenly very ill. In July, I lost her. I am slowly coming back to work. Doing work that I love.

Sewing Patterns * Yarn * Fabric BTY * Craft Books
I can't leave sewing patterns alone! From my earliest moments I've thrilled at the feel of a sewing pattern in my hands. Turning it over. Checking all the stats; the yardage needed, buttons or zipper, bias tape (warring with do I have the time to make the tape or had I better -- realistically -- purchase what is needed), hooks or snaps (not so much with modern patterns, no?), type of fabric. And lastly, do I have the supplies I need? Nothing satisfies. A trip to the fabric store it is then! To comb the fabric isles, to check the patterns because there's a sale on...

And on and on...

You know what I'm talking about!

I plan to move in the next couple years so I am starting to make some decisions. Don't want to wait and make pressured decisions because I always have regrets. So here goes. The fun is getting to share my pattern obsession with each one of you!

Are you ready?! Let's share the passion! Enjoy!