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Witchcraft, Wiccan, Hoodoo, Magick & Spiritual Supplies

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Announcement   **After a short break, we are slowly restocking our shop. Please check back often for new listings!**

Witchcraft, Wiccan, Pagan, Occult and Hoodoo Supplies, Magickal Altar Offerings and Exquisite Tools of Magick, handmade by The Potion Lady for all of your Ritual and Spiritual work.


Last updated on Feb 26, 2017

**After a short break, we are slowly restocking our shop. Please check back often for new listings!**

Witchcraft, Wiccan, Pagan, Occult and Hoodoo Supplies, Magickal Altar Offerings and Exquisite Tools of Magick, handmade by The Potion Lady for all of your Ritual and Spiritual work.

Auntie M

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Auntie M


Exquisite Tools of Magick, Witch Designed and Witch Crafted

I can also be found on Facebook at, and at !

All of your magickal and spiritual supplies made by The Potion Lady are 100% witch-crafted, from premium herbal ingredients that are certified organic, certified kosher, ethically wildharvested, or cultivated without chemicals. I use only the finest waxes - soy (Eco-Soya Brand), palm, paraffin and beeswax, which are all non-toxic ( ). My hand-blended essences and essentials are all original and proprietary - I blend them myself! - and you will not find them anywhere else.

The supplies that I use to handcraft each of my offerings are selected with care from markets all over the world. When they reach me, they are consecrated by holy water, sacred smoke and moonlight, and are allowed to absorb the raw power of this land. These consecrated and empowered supplies are witch-crafted by hand into the finest formulations. Each formula is refined by directing elemental, lunar, planetary and zodiacal forces, and charged to the care of certain Spirits and Deities. These superbly witch-crafted formulas are then shaped into exquisite tools of magick that have been used by witches and spiritual workers all over the world.

The Potion Lady strives for exceptional customer service. I treat everyone who comes to me fairly, and with compassion. If I feel I am unable to help you, I will refer you to another knowledgeable and reputable Spiritual Worker. I'm in this for the Magick - not the money.

I look forward to sharing my world with you. Blessings and Light, Auntie M ~ The Potion Lady


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    Artist and designer of exquisite, spiritually inspired candles, soaps, oils, incenses and one-of-a-kind curios. (And the best husband ever!)

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Last updated on February 26, 2017
Welcome to The Potion Lady! All of my offerings are Witch~Crafted in Sacred Space, among Old-Growth Giants and Ancient Oaks. Cleansed and traditionally sealed with Sacred Smoke, Pristine Waters and Pure Moonlight. Step into my world of wild beauty and natural grace.

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The continual rise in shipping costs and cost of shipping supplies has pretty much made First Class obsolete for most of my curios and supplies. I ship almost exclusively Priority Flat Rate now (with tracking). This allows for generous cushioning and padding. I may be open to other shipping options if I am contacted *PRIOR* to purchase. Shipping overages of over $2.00 will be refunded.

Shipping is done from my home on an as-needed basis, Mon-Fri (weather permitting) primarily via U.S.P.S. Priority Flat Rate unless other arrangements are made and paid for ahead of time. Earliest processing time for orders received after 5:00pm Pacific time is the 2nd business day. Made-to-order items require creation during specific astrological conditions, which will affect the shipping date. Always check your processing times!! :)

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In addition to hand-crafting, I work full-time outside of the home, with an hour-long commute each way. I am also using a rural satellite internet connection that does not always fully cooperate with me LOL. I try to respond to all convos within 24 hours, but am not always able to. Your understanding is greatly, greatly appreciated!! :)

Policies, prices and shipping are subject to change without notice.

IMPORTANT: Please read full disclaimers and advisories at prior to purchase or use of any spiritual supplies and curios from this shop (or any other selling venue). I cannot stress this enough. It is not possible for me to foresee *every* possible use (or misuse) of my curios (especially candles), and I have made every effort to instruct my buyers and provide warnings. Lack of caution or common sense on a buyer's part does not constitute liability on my part. Once a supply or curio is shipped from The Potion Lady, all liability lies with the purchaser and/or user.

Any advisory not specified here or at is implied.

As always, U.S. federal and state laws prohibit me from making any claims or guarantees with regard to magical or spiritual effects. All items should be considered for their value as curios only. Please review full advisories at Further information may be found at . Please observe all safety precautions and advisories when using curios and spiritual supplies by The Potion Lady.

Personal check or money order may be accepted under specific terms and conditions.

All of The Potion Lady's offerings are made in a "familiar"-friendly home.

The Potion Lady - owners, associates, anyone connected with The Potion Lady in any way - will not be held responsible for any results (or the lack thereof) of any item purchased here on Etsy or anywhere else. Buyer/user is solely responsible for ALL effects, adverse or otherwise. I cannot make any claims or guarantees as to the efficacy of any products. I cannot make claims of supernatural or therapeutic effects or powers of any of the items listed. Lore, suggested uses and alleged magical powers are just that - lore, suggestions and allegations. All products and items are sold for their value as curios ONLY. Should you choose to employ any items for any other purpose, you do so at your own risk. Purchase of any items from The Potion Lady signifies buyers' acknowledgment and acceptance of all terms and conditions, and releases The Potion Lady from any and all liability.

CANDLES: I specialize in hand-poured, fixed and dressed Spiritual Candles, with natural herbal infusions, pure essentials, exclusive essences and important Spiritual curios. Every one of my original candles goes through my hands in the creation process. I do not buy them from a third-party manufacturer and have them labeled as my own. (Individually hand-poured candles such as these are subject to minor differences in color and occasional imperfections and irregularities. This does not affect their use, but rather, adds to their charm.) I also "fix" and "dress" them in the traditional Hoodoo style - dressed with oil, inscribed with esoteric symbols, dressed with herbs, talismans, or any other meaningful dressing, and/or "loaded". Loaded candles have a small pocket carved into the bottom, filled with specialty powders, oils, herbs, magical seals, etc., and the pockets are then re-sealed with a wax plug. If, for any reason, you are unable to burn candles in your home, I will gladly burn them on one of my altars for you at no extra charge. As always, please remember that I cannot make guarantees with regard to magical results. All attributes, powers, etc., are "alleged". What's NOT alleged is the authenticity and quality, as all my products are created in the most magically appropriate manner possible.

I also offer the more familiar dressed and fixed standard candles - sometimes called "household", "altar" or "offeratory" candles. I do not pour these candles myself, but I do charge them and dress them in the same manner and with the same powerful herbs and minerals that I use in and on my hand-poured candles.

Always attend to these candles as they burn. Again - they are genuine spiritual curios that may be filled and/or dressed with herbal materials, powders, oils and other curios such as petition papers, rusty nails, lodestones and other important symbols of power. These items may cause small pockets of air to form within the candles, which may cause ingredients and/or curios to flare up, release or come loose from the wax, and may be too hot to touch (or on fire!). I always try to fill any pockets with a second pouring, but sometimes the nature of the ingredients and curios makes this impossible. So please - never, ever leave these candles burning unattended or anywhere close to anything flammable. Please read full advisories at

Mottling patters will vary from candle to candle. Colors may vary slightly.

INCENSE: The Potion Lady offers both loose herbal incense, and incense cones. My cones are infused with traditional spellcrafting formulations of essentials, essences and herb-infused oils. My handmade loose herbal incense is a blend of all-natural cut herbs, essential oils, exclusive essences, and natural binding oil (such as safflower). Loose herbal incense is intended to be burned on charcoal rounds or tossed directly into any ritual fire. I've thoroughly researched each formula, I've hand-selected each oil, herb and/or mineral component, and I've prepared each blend individually according to the optimal astrological timing and other magical factors. My blends are alive, vibrant and humming with magical power, and they are authentic in every way.

PRAYER, MOJO AND SPIRIT BAGS: A Prayer or Spirit Bag contains a prayer or devotional to a specific Deity or Spirit. It is carried as an act of dedication or as a perpetual request for things such as protection, peace of mind, good health, etc. A Mojo Bag is a spell or spiritual petition in a bag. It is a small, flannel (usually red) bag on a string that may be worn around the neck or the waist, and tucked out of sight. It is sometimes carried in the purse or the pocket, if it is unable to be worn. They may contain as few as three items, or as many as thirteen. Additional items may be provided by the buyer - petition or prayer papers written in the client's own hand, photos, personal items (hair, nail clippings, etc.) - with the exception of herbs and minerals that the maker adds on behalf of the client. The maker will create the bag in accordance with appropriate celestial timing, will pray over the bag, and "breathe life" into it.

Once the bag is finished and sealed, it is delivered to the client with instructions and a small vial of oil, Florida Water, whiskey or other liquid (or sometimes powdered herbs or minerals) for "feeding" and keeping the work going. The bag is fed regularly, it is not opened, is not handled by anyone other than the client, and is generally kept out of the view of others. The Potion Lady's handmade Mojo, Prayer and Spirit bags will serve you well for years.

RITUAL AND OCCULT OILS: Blends of pure essentials and carrier oils, herbs, ritual essence oils and/or powerful crystals. Each ingredient has been thoroughly researched, carefully prepared and charged by moonlight. I typically use the highest quality fractionated coconut oil for extended shelf life. Certain formulas call for mineral oil, which is also a stable oil. Oils colored with minerals may settle during shipping. A little shake will perk them right up and bring out those luminous, pearly swirls.

BATH SALTS AND CRYSTALS: Sadly, due to some bizarre events, I have to state - NONE OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE MEANT FOR INGESTION. Seriously, y'all - don't be stupid enough to smoke, snort or do whatever those crazy, face-eating folks have been doing with "bath salts". These products ARE MEANT FOR BATHING!

Dead Sea salts, epsom salts, the finest herbs, all-natural baking soda, powerful gemstones, pure essentials, infused herbal oils and/or ritual essence oils are combined to create a truly magickal bathing experience. Always strain prior to use, to keep the herbal material from clogging your drains. These salts and crystals are suitable for a soaking bath, as well as traditional Hoodoo-style bathing.

HERBAL BATHS: If you prefer salt-less, oil-less bathing, herbal-only baths are a wonderful alternative. It's kind of like bathing in a huge cup of tea. Always strain prior to use, to keep the herbal material from clogging your drains.

MAGICAL AND SPIRITUAL SOAPS: My soaps fill the gap for spiritual cleansing in between spiritual baths. Spiritual Soaps are infused with herbal and flower essential oils, and magical formula oils. These magical soaps take on the significance of the herbs and flowers used. Some of them have long been recognized for their spiritual power. I recommend that you use these soaps for washing the hands and body when performing spiritual rituals, and in-between regular spiritual baths.

HERBAL AND MINERAL HOUSEHOLD CLEANSERS: These cleansers are made with herbs, minerals, essentials, ritual essence oils and/or infused herbal oils in an environmentally-friendly castile soap base. In addition to your regular cleaning, they contain traditional and original formulations recognized by Witches all over the world for their esoteric properties. Herbal-only cleansers are also available, for those who prefer soapless cleansers, and don't mind the extra step or two of preparation.

POWDERS AND SPRINKLES: The difference between powders and sprinkles is that powders are primarily used on the body and sprinkles are typically used in the household or on the property. Powders are a great way to finish a bath, leaving you feeling extra smooth, silky-soft, and just plain "yummy". If you are bathing as part of a spiritual practice, powders can act as a buffer and a "seal" for the work that you're doing. Sprinkles are primarily used for esoteric and spiritual work in and around the household. They are usually laid down on the floors of the home as a protective barrier of sorts.

As always, U.S. federal and state laws prohibit me from making any claims or guarantees with regard to effects. All items should be considered for their value as curios only.

No medical claims are made with regard to any item in my shop. Folklore and anecdotal information may be found off-site at or

Some products may contain essence or fragrance oils, usually due to plant endangerment, prohibitive cost or at your request.