ThePsychosomaticShop's Shop Announcement

The Psychosomatic Shop

My story is unique to begin with and I want you to get to know me, not as a shop owner, but as a person, your neighbor and your friend. Welcome to my creative space and my home.

This shop started as a passion, a dream to make friends around the world while peddling my wares. Sharing stories and reciprocating inspiration so I can grow and show others what I've learned.

The wonderful thing about my shop is that it's my statement to those who think this is a failure before it starts. All because I believe that proper nutrition education and fitness should be for everyone.

Over the last five years I have collecting anything I could think I would need, that if I ever had the chance to open shop I would be well on my way. Now it's time to go...

There is a bit of everything as I have a wide range of likes at the moment; over time I will hone my skills to a few different things. When you buy from my shop, you are allowing me to continue to go to school and help others in my area, I make no profit from any client, it was not how I was raised.

My goal in life is to be a Lightworker. I try and live life in peace and harmony. I work from my home with limited hours for electricity and use as much sunlight and human power as I can. I don't have the luxury of leaving (except my fridge) anything plugged in, anywhere in my home. I'm as all natural as you can get while living in a crazy world!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.