TheRealJackChow's Shop Announcement

The dictionary defines ephemera as "something of no lasting significance" -- things like phamplets, posters. tickets, leaflette advertisements, etc. Luckily for us, from out of planned obsolescence comes highly collectable, and artable artifacts for the creatively hungry. Ephemera makes the world go round and without the soft elements such as paper and fibers we would limp along unfulfilled.

Jack Chow House of Funk and Ephemera offers you also elements intended to last, such as wood and metal. I believe our art should outlive us and so I am committed to producing work that has structural integrity. I avoid adhesives whenever possible as all adhersive eventually fail, unlike cold fastening or welding. I intend to present my own assemblage work, ephemera, and other design elements to inspire the assemblage or mix-media artist.