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Each Custom,3d pendant or charm is hand sculpted with love with 100% .999 Fine Silver.As a sculpture artist time and patience is very important to me.

Please remember if I make you your own design charm, allow 2-3 weeks on each charm and if you want engraving please be patient with that process as well 💜these charms take over a 20 step process to complete. Do you like to make a memory into an object to wear? Do you have a favorite drawing or Favorite animal?
I have made many animal charms and many other fun and/or odd charms. Maybe you'd like to start a family keepsake or an heirloom to pass down to your family? Every custom charm can take from 2-4 weeks, depending on your custom request ...similar sellers: .Nobody is better than anyone else. We are all equals and we are all sharing this venue. There is no reason to trash. Beauty is the eye of the beholder. The buyers will decide. Check my feedback if interested:) Thank you all. Every piece here is priced according to time, difficulty and amount of materials used. As you can see by my feedback, people love what I make. All charms are kiln fired so they are somewhat delicate if it is a frail design. Please, they should be taken care of and loved with just as much care as I took making them:) Thank you ♥ PEACE AND LOVE ♥
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*All designs and photographs ©2005-2014 Courtney Ryan

**Save these treasures as they rise in value and give to the ones you love .These are .999 fine silver solid sculpted tiny pieces, which take a lot of work and time, a real piece of art and a keepsake for life! :) "Anything you make real must first be imagined in your mind." (2007)
The Silver Sculptress

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