TheSadaAbeExperience's Shop Announcement

Howdy, folks! A bustling bumper crop of knit and crocheted goodies awaits! -- Scarves, hats, bracelets, bangles, and other knitted knick-knacks to lasso up, hogtie, n' call your own!

Good, old-fashioned country home-cooked delights... But somehow "Gothic & Lolita" always seems weasel its way in there among my tags; cute and goofy, sometimes comical, in the most wearable and tasteful sense possible. That's my artistic goal, and heck, even if I didn't reach it, Lord knows I've had one hell of a time trying.

Get it while it's hot at TheSadaAbeExperience on YouTube!

...And visit my momma's shop for one-of-a-kind leatherwork!