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Welcome to The Shop Guides. We're Bridget and Rhys, a husband and wife team who specialize in e-commerce business marketing and promotion. Together with our wonderful fans we have created one of the largest and fastest growing shops of all time on Etsy. We now spend our time helping other sellers grow their businesses full time and LOVE IT!

Rhys' background is in social media consultancy and growth hacking which lead him to marketing products for businesses online. He created one of the fastest growing pages in Facebook history that grew to 5.2 million fans in just 10 days during the time Facebook first changed their layout. This was when Rhys noticed the power of social media and decided to learn how to harness it. Since then we have worked with many large international brands and there was a time we could not walk through the grocery store without seeing products we were working on that week.

When we started Madison Street Beauty on Etsy, Rhys naturally used these skills to promote it. Madison Street Beauty was started on a shoestring budget of just $150 to purchase the bare minimum of the raw materials needed and we built our line from just 5 eyeshadows to nearly 1000 different items ranging from all manner of mineral cosmetics to lip balms and nail polishes. All of which were sold on Etsy, our website, wholesale accounts and affiliate division that we built and managed ourselves. Every aspect of the business was run by just the two of us so we learned a lot of valuable skills that we now share with others.

We’re proud to be a big part of Etsy with managing the largest teams on the site as well as being one of the most followed shops too. We have created and still run some of the largest outlets on social media for Etsy members such as some of the largest pages on Facebook and group boards on Pinterest that Etsy sellers can use for free to promote their businesses.

We recently ended the sale of our cosmetics due to the fact we will now be traveling the US working with shop owners from all over the country helping them to achieve success. While running Madison Street Beauty we have helped hundreds of shops on Etsy take their businesses to the next level, all while spending more than 95% of our time running our own business creating, packaging and shipping our products. We are passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs grow their businesses so the time came where we had to reevaluate and decided that building one business of our own versus helping tens of thousands of others achieve the same success was the wrong path to be following. We have no doubt that we will be bringing MSB back at some point in the future when we have the time and passion to move forward with it. In the meantime we are very passionate about helping others and showing them how to grow their businesses.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, we're always looking to network personally with other shop owners and help them grow their business.

Bridget & Rhys
We are also on Etsy as Madison Street Vintage

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.