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ATTN! Valued patrons!!! TSSO will be closed for the next couple of weeks, due to high flow of orders and to troubleshoot some technical difficulties. If you have a current order open, you will still receive your order, and if you should have any questions or concerns, PLEASE let us know and we will make it right! Please allow 48 hours for a reply ~~~ TheSimpleSiren
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Hi there and Welcome to The Simple Siren Organics!
Organic and Sustainable body products and Eco gifts, lovingly made just for you!

Simple because we believe in the power of using simple, fresh ingredients and Siren, because no matter how simple, strange, different or out of the box we may be, we are all sirens at heart and can all benefit from 100% truly natural and organic body care.

At The Simple Siren, you will find an ever growing collection of tried and tested Organics, traditional herbals, and DIY Eco care for the planet ~ carefully handmade and blended from scratch from the best local and organic ingredients around Ohio and all within the US. We (Mostly, Me, Kat :) and sometimes husband Tony) powder, blend and infuse all of our lovely organic, synthetic free scents and colors, with long time experience and knowledge.

The Simple Siren is a result of an upbringing that taught great respect, love and closeness to our planet and the connection to one another.

We work to create handmade, organic products that promote health with a natural, mellow scent that even the most sensitive can enjoy! At my shop we NEVER use any toxic synthetics(parabens, sulfates or slsa) or artificial scents or flavors in our products;
We go by the motto: "Natural is NOT enough!

Only %100 Organic, Natural, Sustainable and Local will do!

Here you wont find any tricks, secrets or fillers, just hard work, knowledge and love of the bounty that is our natural world. "My goal is to enrich the quality of life of all my fellow beings and promote healthier lifestyles, healthier people and ultimately a cleaner, healthier world. My products are Vegan, Vegetarian, from the Earth, Sustainable and designed to fit the simple, everyday guy and gal". ~Kat Firor, Herbalist & founder of The Simple Siren.

Beauty can be simple, but still unleash a Siren. A remedy can work well and smell great, and we can do good for the planet while enjoying ourselves too!

Go on, it's calling... That whiff of fresh Comfrey, or the sharpness of Organic Sweet Orange and ginger, the triggers of visions of wide open meadows, colorful mountain ranges and fields of wild herbs dancing in the breeze, the call that lets you know "I am here, I am a part of it all, and I am home".

I hope you enjoy your visit at The Simple Siren. ~With much Love~ Kat Firor (TheSimpleSiren)


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