TheSpacerBeadShop's Shop Announcement

Lampwork spacer beads handmade glass lamp work made in America USA for jewelry designers and crafters

Welcome to The Spacer Bead Shop where you will find handcrafted, lampwork glass beads in hundreds of colors, all ready to enhance your artistic designs! If you would like to receive my newsletter, please convo me with your email address. You can also find me on Facebook at

** Current turn-around time is 3 - 5 business days.

My Etsy store is arranged in the following Shop Sections:

Spacers - Red/Orange
Spacers - Yellow/Green
Spacers - Blue/Purple
Spacers - Pink/Neutral
Signature Swirls
Lampwork Bead Sets
Single Bead Assortments
Earring Bead Pairs
Large-Hole Beads

If you’re looking for something in general, just click on one of those categories. If you’d like to see all red beads, not both red AND orange, just type ‘red’ in the search bar.

Want to get a bit more specific? Would you like to see just transparent red beads? Then type ‘transparent red’ in the search bar, and Etsy will return only those listings. You can also search for opaque (solid), alabaster, opalino, streaky, and swirls.

If you want to see colors by the glass manufacturer (I make the beads, not the glass), I use the following:

• Effete (Moretti)
• Vetrofond (Murano)
• Bullseye
• Creation is Messy (CIM)
• Lauscha
• Reichenbach
• Gaffer

The manufacturer’s color name and color # are included in each listing. Sometimes I’ll use a more descriptive name in the title because the manufacturer’s name doesn’t seem to match the color, or it’s boring. So if you’re trying to match other beads, and you know the manufacturer’s color name or #, you can search for that (no need to type in the ‘#’ symbol). The color name might get you more than one listing from search, but the color # will return exactly what you’re looking for.

So to put a fine point on it, you can search the following ways:

1. Click on the Shop Section on the left-hand side of the screen
= Spacers - Red/Orange

2. Search for only the one color:
= Red

3. Search for the color and appearance:
= Transparent Red

4. Search for the color, appearance, and glass manufacturer:
= Effete Transparent Red

5. Search for the exact color name:
= Very Cherry

6. Search for the color #:
= 591704 (which will give you the listing for Effete’s transparent Very Cherry)

And of course, you can use any combination of these, change the order, or just search using your own terms. :-) If you still can't find the color you're looking for (I know I have a LOT of colors), you can convo me anytime. I’m happy to help!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.