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Dream A Little Dream

I am ever growing and ever learning in my craft. I have a list of ideas of things to make (and things to do) that is ever growing. In 2013, I spent the earlier part of the year crocheting blankets and making pillows and then set aside most of my projects for a while when I turn my shop pure vintage.

2014 was a busy year. I moved twice (one was cross country) and while I enjoy moving to different places, it does get a little difficult sometimes when I am trying to organize all of my projects. As of this date, I am currently working on a bunch of projects as I have finally settled into a place to call home. I'm also working on clearing out some of my yarn and fabric projects which is hard because I absolutely LOVE fabric.

First, I have to find the items that I want to sell. Most of them have come from family members or things I have acquired while shopping years ago. Generally, it's from family. I never know what treasures I am going to come across some days. These items then all get put together in a space in my room where I then come to the next step.

After weeding through these many items, I then start the photography sessions. I try to use a ruler in at least one of my shots when it comes to housewares as I am more visual person when it comes to size and shape and I know some other people are too. Usually, I just do regular measuring when it comes to clothes, trying to get as many measurements down for them as I can. These photography sessions can go on for an hour to a few hours as I work my way through all the new boxes of things.

The next step is to add the photos into my computer and start putting together my new listings. While this is taking place, I am usually doing research on these items and discovering as much as I can about them. This usually takes quite some time because I like to learn as much about things as I can. This step can be frustrating sometimes when I have no idea who the brand or artist is who created the item and I end up having to do vague searches like "old flower dish" or "brown painted pottery" before I can narrow it down to the brand and style. Sometimes I get lucky and find what I'm looking for! Sometimes I don't.

After all this, it's time for me to list the items and then repeat whatever necessary steps for the next piece I am working on.

So this is usually what I can be found doing during my working hours and while the research can be at times a little frustrating when I can't find what I'm looking for, I feel as if this has opened up a whole new avenue of my life and I very much enjoy it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy looking through my shop!

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