TheSteamPunkCatSlave's Shop Announcement

The Steampunk Catslave offers you a complete line of one inch flat back buttons, badges and magnets with over 400 selections of gorgeous imagery for all occasions and large scale events. High quality with excellent service is always the end product.


Over the next month all hand crafted jewelry in THIS shop will be leaving moving to our sister shop which will remain with Etsy. The Steampunk Catslave will continue as a button supply shop ONLY.

All pieces, including the button supplies are handcrafted by me and produced in my log home in the beautiful hills of Tennessee in the USA and is a feline charity store. All items are 100% for the charity minus cost of supplies and etsy fees. All proceeds (and then some....a lot) go for veterinary bills, special foods, maintenance.

My shop is a feline charity store established to supplement our 501c3 nonprofit (est 1992) for displaced feral and mal content or special needs kitties (mostly), our "land of little lions"! Our focus is the feline species but 7 large dogs have found a forever home with us. Large dogs are often abandoned and unwanted in the country. Our guardian in our predator rich environment is Bear, a Great Pyrenees from a nearby Animal Control.

We are C.L.A.W.S., Inc (Cat Lovers Alliance for Welfare & Sterilization) and the name of our sanctuary which is active as an umbrella under CLAWS is "Land of the Lions Feline Sanctuary".

To see our sanctuary up close, watch our video here (copy & paste in the browser)

Every sheet of images used in my shop has been purchased from an Etsy seller. I strongly supported digital artists in their handmade abilities to bring to you incredible buttons, pins, & magnets. I never claim the rights to own any artwork used. If you ever see your artwork being used in our shop in a manner that was not intended, please contact me and it will be removed and the shop name at which it was purchased will be given.

Come visit &
Please promote spay/neuter and be a forever home for your pets, no matter what!
Be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.