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TheTinyTreeShop's Shop Announcement

Hello, and welcome! Come in and browse and see what The Tiny Tree Shop has to offer!

NEW! MORE CHOICES! I have many other semiprecious gemstones to choose from if you don't see anything you like, or if you would like a custom order.

GEMSTONE CHIPS : peridot (transparent light green), black jasper (shiny, opaque black), lapis lazuli (opaque deep royal blue), dark amethyst (transparent deep purple,), green moss agate (mottled green to clear, semitransparent), citrine (transparent, light yellow to honey-coloured), pink Peruvian opal (opaque pink to white), aquamarine (light blue, transparent to semi-opaque, March).

Birthstones in order:

January - Garnet, dark red, semi-transparent
February - Amethyst, light and dark purple, transparent
March - Aquamarine, light blue, transparent to semi-opaque
April - Quartz, crystal, clear transparent
May - Diopside, chrome green, transparent to semi-transparent for pendant only. Currently substituting emerald freshwater pearls for trees.
June - Freshwater pearls, iridescent opaque, various colours (see below)
July - Carnelian (red agate), red-orange to clear, transparent to semi-opaque
August - Peridot, light green, transparent
September - Currently substituting Lapis Lazuli (opaque deep royal blue) for sapphire.
October - Pink Peruvian Opal, pink to white, opaque
November - Citrine, light yellow to honey-coloured, transparent
December - Lapis Lazuli, deep royal blue, opaque

GEMSTONE BEADS, 6mm: opalite (milky white opalescent, semitransparent), lepidolite (opaque very deep purple, white specks), poppy jasper (opaque, deep red/brown mix), rhodochrosite (opaque deep pink, white specks), carnelian (red-orange semitransparent), bloodstone (opaque, varied colours from green to dark red, tan, gray)

FRESHWATER PEARLS: emerald green, olive green, pink (looks more like peach) Shown in the listing is lavender.

CAT'S EYE GLASS, 6mm: dark pink, orange, blue and peach 4mm: olive green, light blue, dark blue.

I plan to make and list these trees whenever I can, or at least post photos of the gemstones. Thank you so much for stopping by, and come again!