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UPDATE 1/31/16: The USPS has ALSO raised rates on First Class Package Service, which is what I use to ship my products. At this time, they are not giving a discount for purchasing your own labels online, and this has resulted in an increase of $.56 on EVERY PACKAGE Shipped. They have also increased the cost for each additional ounce, over 3 ounces, which is going to result in my having to increase the shipping rate for additional items shipped in the same package. I apologize, and hope they get this malfunction sorted out soon. Meanwhile, I will eat the cost of the First Class increase, until they sort it out.

FYI: The USPS has raised rates on Priority Mail, especially on Small Flat Rate boxes, which went from $5.75 to $6.80. Shipping rates on affected items have been adjusted in the shop.
In addition, the USPS has gone up on International shipping rates, by as much as $4.00 per package, in many cases. In Canada, it has gone up $1.00-$1.50 per package. Rates have been changed. I apologize. I'm not even listing International shipping rates anymore. If you are located outside the U.S., please just message me and I will be more than glad to get you a custom shipping rate to where ever you are!

CHECK OUT the new SPECIALTY ITEMS Section of the shop, featuring all of my most unique products, from Chakra Orgonite to Angelic Ray/Flame Color Therapy discs and more.

Creating quality, original Orgonite based upon the energies of the Stone People that I have been working with my entire life. It takes knowledge of their properties, and how they work together, to create a high quality piece that resonates vibrationally with the energies needed. Intention, Integrity, and Vibrational Alignment in every piece!
All pieces are hand made by Michelle, lovingly guided by the Universe.

EVERY ITEM IN MY SHOP comes with paperwork giving you the details of it's ingredients, information about Orgone and cleansing instructions (if it is an Orgone product), and any special instructions that pertain to that item. All Manifestation Orgonite also include Feeding Instructions. I want to make sure that you know how to work with what you have, or that your gift receiver knows everything they need to know when they receive my Orgone products from you as a gift.


I have created a special Page about Orgonite on my Touch the Earth blog. If you have any questions about my products, you might find your answers there! Feel free to look around while you are there, for this is where I also share my Healing Teachings.

Thanks for stopping by!


I believe that by giving, we receive what we need in our own lives. I keep the energy flowing by giving a free gift with each purchase.

I trust myself, my wisdom, my intuition, and all that I do, to lead me into alignment with abundance!

European Union:
PLEASE be advised that due to new VAT regulations effective 1/1/2015, I will no longer be selling Digital Download files to EU customers, as there is no way to charge the additional tax required, and this tax must be paid to the EU. Due to this, I have chosen to opt out of selling to the European Union.
I apologize for any inconvenience.

In addition, please see my Shipping Policies regarding shipping products to the EU, including Great Britain, prior to purchasing any item from my shop.
Thank you for understanding!