TheTwistedCow's Shop Announcement

Designing couture dog collars, leashes, and accessories for both ends of the leash.

********************* ANNOUNCEMENT **************** ANNOUNCEMENT **************
The Twisted Cow will NO LONGER OFFER CAT COLLARS. Take advantage of the discounted prices and shipping on our Cat Collar CLEARANCE.

We love creating the collars, but our focus is going to shift back to the dogs. I will be clearing out all pre-made collars and creating collars to finish up our current hardware.

Additionally, we will offering limited internationally shipping with the exception of Canada. The International First Class shipping cost is just too much (even for the little things) and there is simply nothing that we can do to reduce the shipping for our 'cross the pond' folks except discontinue/limit shipping to Europe, Australia, etc. We will be offering International Priority for some of our higher end items (when available), but continuing to offer all International First Class to Canada because is it somewhat reasonable at the higher weights. Yeah it sucks, but we have no control over the shipping costs.

Thanks everyone for your support and we sincerely apologize for any heartburn this will cause.

********************* ANNOUNCEMENT **************** ANNOUNCEMENT **************
SHIPPING UPDATE: The USPS has raised its shipping prices SIGNIFICANTLY especially the International shipping rates. All rates from this point on will reflect the USPS retail rates for both Domestic and International shipping.

A bit of FYI: I do have a full time job and The Twisted Cow is my sanity check and my dream job. So, most responses are answered in the evening unless I have my cell phone / iPad handy and have time to respond. I will get most orders out within 10 - 12 days, but I usually operate on the 5 - 7 day time frame. If you have an event coming up, please be mindful of my time frames as they relate to yours. Most of the time I can accommodate without compromising my first come first serve process, but if you are in a rush please let me know your situation and we can go from there. If you are overseas / international, RUSH orders may be a bit more difficult as I cannot predict or control the postal service between here and there. So, be prepared to pay at least $40 for express shipment depending on the order size.

Visit my destashing supply shop: I will be destashing a lot of stuff as I downsize and specialize.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.