TheVastCity's Shop Announcement

As a photographer I am fascinated by detail and by what is usually not seen. I hope to introduce the viewers of my work to a world they may have never seen before, whether because they have been moving too fast, looking in the wrong direction, or not being able to look closely enough.
Despite roots in black and white film photography, digital cameras and printers have largely taken over but not completely so.
Through involvement with a number of arts organizations, I try to promote the arts and foster artists’ skills. I am also very involved in issues relating to copyright and protecting intellectual property.
Many find they no longer have room for “art” whose only justification is beauty to be looked at. To keep art alive and relevant I have branched out from photography as a purely print medium to useful objects that are adorned with the same great art.
Because of shape and size restrictions, not all of my photographs are available in all sizes nor are they available in all media.
I hope you enjoy browsing through my collection and are able to find pieces that inspire.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.