TheVillageStone's Shop Announcement

Welcome! We are Kevin Village-Stone (Native American Music Awards nominee, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist) and Lindy Day (multi-guitarist, recording artist) of Whispering Light (

Since we're new to Etsy, we're in the middle of posting a substantial amount of merchandise including original music CDs, feather fans, and Kevin's unique Kanjiwood. We've been in the business for six years, so we have a lot of stock. Please bear with us while we upload our initial inventory and check back often for new upcoming products.

You can also visit us out at to hear samples of the CDs, including free downloads, then make your selection. And visit Lindy on her personal website for more samples and info.

A note about Native American products: there are many Native American artisans on the internet, and many here at Etsy, whose sole means of self-sufficiency is selling their handcrafted products. I purposely do not make traditional Native items for sale so I do not compete with my brothers and sisters.
If you want a truly Native American product PLEASE do not buy "china-knock-offs" or imitations from someone who visited a powwow once and copied what they saw. Also beware of "native" stores in malls as Arab and Middle Eastern businessmen have been opening them and selling goods advertised as Native but are copies made by their family members.
One of the stores in CA tried to sell me a flute for $600 that was not playable and had little to no workmanship. The owner said he got it from an "old man" on the reservation and tried to convince me it was an antique. But there was no signature or identifying glyph and no certification number.
A REAL Native product will have the name of the artist and a certification/authenticity number.
For genuine Native-made products that go up in value like a true collectable, please only buy from certified Native American makers, like those at Etsy, and support independent artisans. Thank you!