TheVintageDoctor's Shop Announcement

Welcome! I am the Doc! Please visit my website for FAQ's and more info:

*** Sizing ***

All sizes are listed in INCHES. "How do know what my actual measurements are?" - you may ask. It is very simple - take a tape measure and wrap it around yourself.

Bust: the fullest part across the chest - THIS IS NOT YOUR BRA SIZE!
Waist: the smallest part around the torso - usually the middle of the "hourglass" figure
Hips: the widest part of the lower body

Make the tape measure fit how you want the dress or corset to fit. Remember to measure yourself while dressed in the undergarments that you plan on wearing with the item! Be mindful of any "breathing room" you need.

For corsets: breathe OUT all the way, then measure. Most people wear corsets 2 to 4 inches smaller than their actual body measurements. This will ensure an excellent body-hugging fit with no chance of shifting/falling down during wear.

For dresses and skirts: breathe IN all the way, then measure. Our dress design is made with style and comfort in mind! If the bodice is too small, it may constrict your breathing and movements, making it very troublesome to wear.

Next, compare your numbers to the ones listed on the chart. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us. Please do NOT email us with your bra size, or tell us that you "usually wear a size 6", whatever. You may be a Size 6 in Brand X, but a Size 8 in Brand Y. There is no such thing as universal sizes. Give us inches!

*** Payment ***

Payment is expected within THREE days of the closing date by Paypal. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. If no communication and/or payment has been received after the 3-day period, then the item will be relisted, appropriate feedback will be left and the buyer reported to Etsy. Due to the nature of Special Occasion items, all sales are final.

*** Rush Orders ***

If an item is needed to be completed sooner than the posted turnaround time, upgrading to a Rush Order is REQUIRED. Rush fees vary and are NONREFUNDABLE. Our calendar is already full as it is with orders that were placed on time - bumping these projects would be unfair to the clients who already paid for them. Squeezing in additional projects forces us to work double-time, so rush fees are put in place to make that time well spent.

2 Week Rush Order: 40% Base Cost
1 Week Rush Order: 80% Base Cost
< 1 Week Rush Order: 100% Base Cost

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.