TheWeaverOfWords' Shop Announcement

I love fibers.... especially the natural fibers with texture & character...those that are lumpy & bumpy, fibers that are wild and free.... not afraid to be imperfect or different, but fully embracing their own unique style.

In this shop I've combined my love of fibers, photos & fables. Each texture tells a tale.

I've always been drawn to fibers...especially natural fibers that are lumpy and bumpy....I'm drawn to the imperfect and unpolished....natural undyed cotton, rough silks, textured linen, soft warm merino wool....

I'm trying to limit my visits to yarn shops.... I've quickly amassed a mountain of yarn.....

Now its time to for the interweaving of fibers and fables..... what good is a texture if it doesn't come with a tale well told...

I hope you have as much fun reading my words and wearing my weavings as I did creating them!

It was so wonderfully fun to be featured in the Peppermint Creek Collective Blog.

In the post I discuss my creative process of writing custom stories using other people’s words, well as my weaving.

You can find the interview at:

If you get the chance, please stop by my other stores on Etsy, where I sell my original handmade artisan jewelry:

A Fireside Tale .....every trinket has a tale to tell

A Very Fairy Tale...featuring "Fairy Simple" fairy playful jewelry

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