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Sharron Fitzgibbon

Sharron Fitzgibbon on Nov 17, 2015

2 out of 5 stars

I was not happy with the item at all and gave it away to a charity shop.

The White Pelican

The White Pelican responded on Nov 17, 2015

I'm sorry to hear that Sharron...I was not apprised of this, otherwise I would have tried to work something out with you. I wonder if you skipped the description and thought it a 'new ' item....that happens on this site. Pictures were clear: From the description...(Box is quite distressed and spotted, but still shiny. Inside is a blue aqua felt lining, with a fair amount of spotting, discoloration on the felt.) couldn't have thought it looked any different, after the clear pictures and acurrate description I gave. Please be in touch when things don't seem right...I've always...always worked it out with 'every single' customer that bothered to contact me first , Franco.


thomashmngwy on Oct 8, 2015

1 out of 5 stars

It was shipped on October 3rd,today is the 8th still have not received it thanks to our slow USPS,so i haven't seen it yet..don't know if ill order fom here again because of slow delivery from USPS..i think ill look for places to order from that us Fedex or UPS..

The White Pelican

The White Pelican responded on Oct 8, 2015

So, it's a shipping issue, Thomas. I got it out to you the next day....the wallet is pristine.. all wallets ship first class....2-5 days...and it was on weekend. I wrote you about that. I know it was for your MIL Birthday, but it's always good to place an online order more than ONE day in advance and expect it to arrive that afternoon, especially when we are 10 states away. ONE star? really? Refuse the delivery , PLEASE and I'll refund you then it will come back to me. Thomas,,because I'd love that wallet sell to someone who doesn't confuse the vintage quality with a shipping issue regards Franco