My mom rocking a Catalina bikini in the late 1960s...She'd kill me if she knew I was sharing this, but what a hot mama!
Me and mom at my great grandparents farmhouse...I believe this is where my love for that vintage smell was born.
...and the sofa cover I loved for its far out floral pattern...
I loved this halter dress till it was thread bare. My beloved Pony Boy is in the background. I made him from scraps!
My Sock Monkey couple. The Gal is a vintage find and I made her Rouge outfit from vintage lace, chiffon and netting.

The Story of The Wishing Wardrobe

As a constant collector I have always had an ongoing stash of "There will be an event this is perfect for" and a pile of "This is perfect for So and So" - Sometimes I would send random acts of kindness via USPS and visitors would often leave my casita with at least one thing to try on...I would occasionally part with vintage faves via my stained glass store here on Etsy, but I didn't like to mix the two. As vintage on Etsy became more popular, word came through the grapevine that a friend wanted help with her destash gone vintage shop. This opened the floodgate and my collection began to grow. For two years we grew the shop and shipped out hundreds of vintage items.

In 2010 The Wishing Wardrobe, an expression of my own vintage style, opened and one week later had its first sale! The best thing about having a vintage shop is the customer base. I love to get emails from fellow collectors and customers returning to tell the story of the item they purchased and what it meant to them. I have sent vintage items to every corner of the globe as gifts, replacements for items lost and to complete a collection years in the making.

The Wishing Wardrobe offers a variety of items that could only be described as eclectic. With hundreds of items yet to be photographed and listed I am confident there really is something for everyone who wishes on this Wardrobe!
Molly Phoenix
owner, Collector, Launderer
Molly Phoenix has been knee deep in vintage since she was a teen. Her first full time job working for Goodwill of Northern New England was training for finding treasure in the rubble. Over 20 years later her love of vintage has not faded one bit!