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Welcome to The Wood & Watch, providing bohemian and antique-modern jewelry that's curiouser and curiouser! For a complete portfolio of past and current work, please visit

The Wood & Watch adheres to the sentiment that "Jewels bring memories" and merges past stories with those in progress. Court a necklace with a metal artifact harvested from the earth. Don a pair of earrings with crystals salvaged from a vintage chandelier. Enjoy the contrast of soft, decades-old velvet supporting raw tourmaline gems. Deepen the significance of your history-laden jewels as you wear them on your unique ventures.

The Wood & Watch is an ever-changing collection of jewelry designs, all linked with a style distinctly my own. Its quality pieces are crafted with care and made to last for generations, but imperfection is embraced as a way of communicating a story. Many pieces feature vintage and antique components, ingrained with untold tales in the form of an aged patina or a faded texture.

I like my jewelry and my gems a little rough around the edges because they narrate a heritage and celebrate uniqueness. With one-of-a-kind and limited-edition handmade designs that forgo mass-produced parts, The Wood & Watch ensures that you're not going to find hundreds of other people wearing the same exact piece you adore! Among other elements, I am intrigued by unexpected unions of colors and materials, complex designs, and layers.

Why the name? My father is a wood craftsman and my grandfather was a watchmaker. Hand-hewn art hums in my blood.

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Rachel Morgan.

*The Wood and Watch strives to be as vegan as possible, eschewing pearls (only glass/crystal ones here), leather, silk, wool, suede, and shells as "ingredients." Learn more here:
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*I'm a convo-friendly jeweler, and I love to "meet" new people and fellow artists. If you have any questions about The Wood & Watch pieces, please contact me.