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Welcome, Wild One!

I'm Luci, mom of 4, wife, recording artist, coach, author, and multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Most of my life, even after having kids, I carried a lot of sexual shame and self-judgement without even knowing it. I was afraid of being "too much," being judged, criticized, way too many fucks about the opinions of others and dimming my light to make others less uncomfortable...especially when it came to anything remotely sexual or overly feminine. God forbid I make anyone uncomfortable or "make" them stumble!

Even my first clear memory as a child was sexually shaming. I was in the back seat of my car as a young child, curiously exploring my vulva, when my father caught a glimpse of what I was doing and told me what I was doing was dirty, bad, and gross. I felt a huge wave of shame, and wished I could hide in the tiniest crevice of the back seat.

That made a big impression on me, and over the course of my life, more sexually shaming experiences, beliefs, and conversations compounded on it. When I got married, I was under the impression that sex would be the most amazing thing ever and somehow I'd magically be all into it...

But I struggled, big time.

In fact, nearly a decade into married and having kids, there came a breaking point in my life where I felt so blocked, so repressed, so subject to the hellish external circumstances in our family at the time...I made a decision to dive deep into my pain and do the inner work I'd never dared to do before.

It was messy, difficult, painful, and confusing trying to navigate it on my own, but 100% worth it. Over the course of several years, I've invested a lot of time, energy, and finances into healing modalities, trainings, courses, books, coaches, you name it...before realizing beneath it all, it was sexual healing I needed most.

It was deep sexual healing that allowed everything else to "click..."

-Freedom to express myself unapologetically.
-Deep connection with my husband, in and out of the bedroom.
-Consistent flow of creativity and ideas.
-Breakthroughs in my business.
-Powerful, full-body orgasms.
-Unprecedented self-love, self-acceptance, and inspiration to create.

I was so excited to have discovered a series of practices and exercises that helped me connect with my sexual energy in a way that fueled and transformed literally every other area of my life.

This is POWERFUL ENERGY we've got access to through our pussies, Queen. And out-of-this-world sexual pleasure is just one of the many rewards of harnessing this energy.

In my YouTube videos, I share tips, tools, and concepts about sexual empowerment, sexual healing, and freedom. In my programs, I help women empower themselves and put the principles into practice with dedication and purpose. In this shop, I'm making available some of my favorite kind of toys and merchandise.

Welcome, and thanks again for stopping by! If sexual empowerment is something that interests or calls to you, be sure to receive your free Goddess Pleasure Guide at!

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