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The Elegant Bohemian, Uniting gemstones, pearls, crystals, Czech Republic Old World elegant glass beads and a variety of metals, creating a chic, contemporary bohemian style, mixing and combining materials that are unexpected. Reminiscent of glamorous women back in the 1940’s and the era of flower children in the 1960's - 70's. . .

:) We leave an earth friendly footprint by using vintage jewelry findings and components and fabric remnants cut from designer and garment projects.

In 1968, my family started a jewelry design and manufacturing business in New England which allowed me to fine tune my skills while working on my design technique.

The magic of haute couture is in the details…everything is measured so that the design drapes correctly and follows the contours of the body perfectly. Creating a piece of jewelry for me means using high quality materials, paying extreme attention to detail, it being time consuming, using hand executed techniques that all contribute towards finishing each and every piece. It is truly a labor of love and the happiness is in the journey.

Welcome to Thee Elegant Bohemian. . . warm smile, hand extended.

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