Theophilus Saxe's Emporium

One of our personal favorite dioramas--the Mars rover meets an unusual Police Call Box on the surface of Mars...
Steampunk/Victorian SF meets the Doctor and a strange alien. The tentacle monster is a favorite with customers!
Goths and vampire fans can enjoy bookends,too! These are a fave of ours.
We can paint any characters you like as Peg Personalities. Civil War re-enactors love these figures!
As a wargamer and steampunk fan, I've made all sorts of gaming artwork. Contact me for more info.

Whovians who love other Whovians

We began designing and building handmade bookends featuring Doctor Who inspired scenes and it's sort of taken off... Whovians contact us all the time for special orders for holidays/birthdays/anniversaries, etc. We enjoy researching and creating unique art for scifi fans of all stripes. We hope we can make something special for you one day.
AJ Matthews
Owner, Owner/Creator/Designer
A Brit living in the US, I enjoy SF/fantasy/steampunk and wargaming. I create unique artworks to suit your tastes, so feel free to contact me with your ideas. More photos at