TheriacaFina's Shop Announcement

What is she building in there?

Theriaca fina (literally, "fine treacle") is an anachronistic antidote for that which ails our age. Theriaca, originally invented as an antidote against snake venom and later used as a preventative panacea, was a medical concoction made of opium, flesh of viper and a large number of other ingredients. Treacle comes from the Greek term theriaka, which refers to ancient bestiaries about dangerous beasts and their bites. The production of a proper theriaca took months with all the collection and fermentation of herbs and other ingredients, and it took years to mature.

I spend long hours in my laboratory, crafting neo-Victorian steampunk curiosities from found objects and antiquities. My workshop contains antique brass pipework, gears and springs, organs and specimens in various liquid-filled jars or terrariums, whimsical iron birdcages, countless sepia photographs and well-worn journals, and all manner of clockworks. There's a row of ominous-looking bottles holding various chemicals and solutions, and a shelf filled with the compasses, dials, and gauges used to maintain precise control over the elements.

So seize your goggles, set your pocketwatches, and embark on a steam-driven journey back to a time that never was. Updated frequently as my extraordinary explorations warrant; please check back often. You may wish to peruse our more extensive archive on Flickr to get a sense of Theriaca Fina's style: I am Co-admin of the Etsy Steam Team: (search 'steamteam'). Proud Team Member of Etsy's Cabinet of Curiosities: (search 'CoC Team') and the SF Etsy Team: ***We're currently gearing up for our Carnivale Mechanique exhibit at Maker Faire '10 in San Mateo, CA: New listings on Etsy will be up soon, so please come again!***

Notes: I will ship internationally; please contact me with your location for shipping cost outside the United States. All materials are cruelty-free; where animal products are used (leather, felt, etc.), they come from recycled sources. In special cases, I may accept barter or trade (you would only pay the regular fee for Etsy, 3.5% of the purchase price). I am particularly interested in quality corsetry, clockworks, or other oddities; feel free to ask.