ThreeCheekyWenches' Shop Announcement

** Note: After a veeeeery long break, we are finally back and ready to offer some new and fabulous items for your perusal.***

What do you do when you have a mother whose name, which she definitely lives up to, is Wenche? You have to start an etsy site.

Cheeky wench number one is Wenche (aka Vickie) Turner, the matriarch and the wench with the biggest cheeks! She is an award winning painter and art teacher who lives on Vancouver Island. But, she has never found a medium that she doesn't love and enjoys spending her time creating and exploring it all.

Wench number two is Lisa Pakosh the favorite firstborn of the family, otherwise known as the sweetest wench of the bunch (and the most modest one too!). She lately has found herself on a deserted island with way too much time on her hands. Only so much a woman can do with sun, sand and beach bums. She has timidly, with the prodding of the matriarch, stepped out of the box and has been surprised to find she does actually have some talent.

Lastly we have cheeky wench number three, the runt of the litter and the Queen of wench sarcasm, Sandra Mitchell. Sandra has been busy the last few years creating some wonders of her own. Now that she has finally agreed she has enough sons, she turns her creative juices to more marketable, pleasing (and controllable!) creations.

*All items are guaranteed to be constructed of the highest quality materials, and under the influence of the highest quality chocolate!

While items are designed and created in various locations, everything offered here will ship from Canada.

Please check out Cheeky Wench No. 3's brand new etsy shop . We asked her to move some of her... *ahem* ... more unusual stuff over there.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to convo us at any time.

Thank you for your patronage!