Whimsical Needle Felted Animals

My drawer of dyed wool has all the colors of the rainbow and then some!
My drawer of raw wool is full of natural tones and textures. I use the brushes to mix and blend different fibers.
I felt on a foam block. All of my critters start off as lumps of wool. Fern supervises many of my creative endeavors.
The core of a squirrel. I am felting him onto a pipe cleaner skeleton so he will be flexible.
The felted squirrel, about halfway completed. Fern and Alice are standing by, ready to inspect and approve.

Three Dogs and a Cat: Whimsical Needle Felted Animals

Hello, and welcome to my shop! I live outside of St. Louis, Missouri, in the rolling foothills of the Ozark Mountains. My passion is the natural world and I take much of my inspiration from it, both in my daily life and my crafts.

A few years back, I discovered the art of needle felting and I fell head over heels in love! Needle felting involves using a barbed needle to repeatedly poke a pile of loose wool. The barbs of the needle cause the wool fibers to tangle and eventually, a solid shape is created.

I mainly felt animals, such as birds, squirrels, bunnies, and the like. I do not use patterns, forms, or kits. Instead, I study photographs and field guide descriptions of the animal I'm felting. In this way, I'm able to capture the detail that makes that animal unique.

I am thrilled to be able to share my needle felted critters with you. I hope you enjoy browsing through them. The listings are samples of my work; I'd be happy to create a custom order for you. Please feel free to message me with your inquiries-...

Warm wishes to you and have a wonderful day!
Jessie Dockins

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