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Experience the luxury of handcrafted soap without all of the chemicals and preservatives found in store-bought, mass produced soap. My soaps are created in small batches, using only recognizable oils, certified food-grade sodium hydroxide and small amounts of fragrance or essential oil. Hand-crafted, cold process soap contains all of the glycerin that is naturally produced in the soap making process. Store bought soaps usually have the glycerin removed for use in other products, leaving behind a harsh "detergent", rather than a skin-nourishing soap. My soaps are pure, natural and luxurious. When it comes to the things we use on our skin, less is more. My soaps contain fewer ingredients with names you can pronounce.

Why is hand crafted soap better for me?

My soap is crafted right in my kitchen. I use oils and butters from plants that you will recognize the names of. They are gentle on the skin and safe for the environment. Hand crafted soap contains glycerin, which is a humectant.

Humectant: a substance that promotes retention of moisture.

This can only be good for your skin.

Does your soap contain lye?

Yes and no. You cannot make soap without lye. Period. Lye is used to make every bar of soap, always. But, when the lye mixes with all of those wonderful oils, there is a chemical reaction. That's what soap making is all about. It's called the process of saponification.

sa·pon·i·fi·ca·tion (să-pon'i-fi-kā'shŭn)
Conversion into soap, denoting the hydrolytic action of an alkali on fat.

This chemical reaction, along with our process of "superfatting" means that there is no lye left in the soap when it's finished. It has all been transformed into luxurious soap that is good for your skin.

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