TieGame's Shop Announcement

A recent shoulder injury has slowed me down and the surgery to fix it has resulted in a backlog of orders.
I still plan on getting all orders shipped on time but the timeframe for making orders had to be pushed out to two to four weeks.
If you need an order quicker, ask.
As always I will try to work it out if I can.
The surgery involved shooting screws into bones and re-attaching tendons.
But I'm not giving up, I'm just gonna wait n' see.

Thanks for visiting TieGame,
Michael M.

Lots of NEW Bow Ties coming in the next few months!!
Several right away.
Anything you would like to see on a tie?
I am always happy to hear a good suggestion!
I will now be charging a FLAT RATE OF $1.49 for any U.S. order.
Order 1, 5 or 10 and the charge will be the same.
Shipping costs more than that but I like the sound of $1.49 Shipping.