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5 months

All lined up at Urban Outfitters! You can find these guys in stores or online grinning

11 months

Packing up orders! 20% off in the shop this week only. admission_tickets Coupon code: SUMMERTIME

1 year

Newest cards released this month of March in case you missed them! Making an effort this year to get more cards out for you guys! slightly_smiling_face

2 years

Mini notepad duos for all your daily reminders and notes! Loving these blush

2 years

Super happy to get some more notepad options out! And found an excuse to draw a corgi in a taco. Win taco

2 years

Having a little Giveaway for these new bookmarks on my Instagram! To enter find me @tiffbitshop / www.instagram.com/tiffbitshop :)