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Shop Announcement - April 12, 2015

Welcome to Timberstone Turnings, thank you for visiting. We are not currently accepting custom orders, but we may consider doing so in the future. Check back periodically for updated shop announcements regarding the status of custom orders. If we re-open customs, they will be limited in terms of the number of orders accepted and pricing will be reflective of the design complexity. No final decisions have been made, as there are a number of factors that need to be weighed and considered.

Thanks again for visiting, Doug & Erin


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Reservations - We will reserve sticks currently in inventory for a maximum of 3 days. Relating to new listings, we will only accept a reservation for new sticks after 1 hour has elapsed from when it was originally posted for sale. By doing so, we are allowing everyone an opportunity to see and purchase the stick if they so desire.

Refunds - Refunds will only be issued for poor quality workmanship, and we must be notified within 24 hours of your intent to return the item for poor quality workmanship. We do not entertain returns because you've changed your mind.

Repairs - We recognize that life happens, cats, dogs, kids etc., and that repairs are occasionally needed. For years we have performed the majority of repairs at no charge, however given the number of sticks floating around worldwide, there is a potentially large pool of repairs that we could be facing and we can no longer commit to free repairs. Free or minimal charge repairs will apply only to original owners. Repair charges for 2nd hand or "swap board" owners will be quoted individually and pricing will be based upon Doug's estimated time to perform the repair.

Hair sticks are packaged in a size appropriate box wrapped carefully in a gift bag and bubble wrap, shipped USPS first class mail..

International orders are welcome with packages mailed USPS international first class, and can take anywhere from 5 days to 2 months for delivery depending upon postal conditions and customs. While we don't like the delivery time frame any more than our international customers do, it is what it is and we have no control over it. We ask that 2 months elapse before we begin discussion on replacement sticks. Items will not be insured unless specifically requested and if so will incur additional shipping charges. We maintain customs tracking numbers however we cannot be held responsible for shipments that are lost or undelivered.

**Note** Occasionally we have found that some gemstone inlays, feel as if they have expanded above the surface of the wood. What has happened is that the wood has contracted due to humidity/temperature fluctuations, whereas the gemstone inlays are not affected by humidity and temperature. This is a naturally occurring event inasmuch as ALL wood expands and contracts, and we have no control over this. If you encounter this issue, we would be happy to re-work the stick to its original smoothness, but please recognize that it may happen again. Since this is a "Mother Nature" issue vs. a workmanship issue, I will sand and re-finish the stick at a cost of 1/2 of the sticks original purchase price plus shipping.

TimberstoneTurnings' Shop Policies


Welcome to Timberstone Turnings, we appreciate you taking the time to visit.

With over 14 years of "turning" experience, Doug has been primarily focused on hair sticks since our shop opening in 2009. With a true passion for his craft, Doug is constantly searching for new methods and designs in order to make tomorrow's sticks better than today's. Each stick is hand made on a lathe, with the designs engraved by laser. Gemstones are filtered to the appropriate inlay size and are ground, sanded and polished to a near "glass" finish.

At the current time, we are not accepting custom orders due to time constraints and other considerations.

Thank you again for visiting!


Payments can be made through PayPal or through direct checkout with a valid credit card.

Payment for purchases is expected prior to shipping unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon by both parties.

Barring previously agreed to payment arrangements, payments not received within a reasonable period of time (24 hours) will be grounds for sale cancellation, and the item may be re-listed for sale.


Hair sticks are shipped USPS. There will be additional charges if overnight delivery is required.

International orders are shipped USPS first class and can take anywhere from 5 days to 2 months. Due to the cost involved, they are not insured unless requested by the buyer and will incur additional shipping charges. We are not responsible for undelivered items, as this aspect is completely out of our control, however we can provide the Customs Declaration tracking number if needed.

Refunds and Exchanges

Refunds - Refunds will only be issued for poor quality workmanship, and we must be notified within 24 hours of your intent to return the item for poor quality workmanship. We do not entertain returns because you've changed your mind.

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