TimeTunnelTreasures' Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting my shop. I do use alot of items that are new, recycled, upcycled, things given to me, and finds at yard sales and thrift shops. Just a mixture of everything to create what is in my shop.

I have been creating and making different crafts since I can remember. I have tried many different crafts and there are still some I have not been able to do yet. I am still looking forward to getting to them. And now with the grand children getting to the age of wanting to learn it's fun to teach them some of the crafts that I know. I am surprised at the ideas that they have.

I enjoy working with different colors and creating new things using upclyed fabrics. I have been making the rags rugs and find it very interesting to be able to create a beautiful new product out of something old. And the best thing is, it's something that can be used everyday. It takes alot of time, but it is worth it to see the finished product.

Enjoy looking and come back anytime.