TinkerTiles' Shop Announcement

Inspiration and Imagination start HERE.
I make FUN TILES so YOU can make MOSAICS - go ahead, get WILD - you know you want to.

Always unique - innovative - beautiful - colorful. Each of my tiles is its own work of art, and oftentimes takes days, weeks or months to finish completely. I think you can see from their detail and quality that my tiles are superior in every way. I sincerely appreciate each & every sale, so thank you very much to all my customers.

Please feel free to have a look at any of my 'SOLD' items and request more of something if there is anything I've previously made that you find yourself in love with.

**Please NOTE: At least once a day somebody will write and ask me the #1 question I receive; which is "what size are these?" I am very careful to include a ruler in at least one or more of the photographs on EVERY LISTING so everyone can gauge the sizing for themselves. Please look carefully at the pics before writing me to ask about the sizing. Thanks very much for shopping with me!

**My Etsy store and its contents, as well as my other artwork on the Internet, are copyright Tinker Tiles © 2009-2016, and may not be reproduced in any way. I try very hard to keep coming up with new, innovative tile designs and ideas, and I think it shows in my work.**