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Tiny Cat's Toy Box is dedicated to my most precious & special love, Mirri, who passed away March 12, 2011, after an 8 month struggle with Congestive Heart Failure. Mirri would have been 4 years old on May 14, 2011. Not a day goes by that my soul does not ache for my sweet, tiny girl, who brought the most joy & laughter imaginable to my life.

Mirri was born May 14, 2007, and was abandoned & left for dead, along with her sister, by the stray, feral mother kitty. I brought them home from work with me & began bottle feeding them around the clock. You cannot imagine the hard work & dedication it takes to raise newborn kittens (unless you've been there yourself!) I was up every two hours warming bottles, feeding the babies, assisting them in going potty, washing their little faces, filling up hot water bottles, cleaning snuggly bedding, etc. The little sister only survived 5 days & it really shattered me, knowing I had tried so hard, but wasn't able to save her. However, Mirri was strong & grew quickly. She was also super tiny, hence her nickname "Tiny Cat." Soon she was running around by herself, after weeks of round-the-clock care (and me on the edge of sanity from the lack of sleep! LOL) She grew to be my shadow... following me everywhere, crying when I left the house, waiting by the door for me to return, sleeping all tucked up under my arm, with a paw tossed over my neck! She was so sweet & adorable.

She was diagnosed with a heart murmur while she was young, but it never really affected her until that day in August 2010, when I noticed her panting & breathing funny. We went to the Emergency Vet clinic & they took x-rays & ultrasounds, and diagnosed her with Congestive Heart Failure. My precious baby had just become a ticking time bomb, and all I could do was pray for just one more day with her, day after day. They sent us home with more meds than any one little 6lbs cat should have to take & we began the daily regimen of pill popping... just to give us more time together. I cherished every single moment I had with my beloved Tiny Cat. And things went so well, for many months. Mirri lived a very happy, normal, kitty life & never seemed hindered by her health issues.

I will never forget that morning of March 12 (@ 1:45am). What began as a normal day, as happy as any other, quickly went from bad to worse. There was no time to make it to the Emergency Vet clinic, though I tried my hardest to get there. My poor baby's lungs filled with fluid at such an alarming rate, with so little warning, there was not much to do but watch helplessly & frantically. We tried to make the drive to the clinic, but just did not have time on our side.

Mirri was cremated at The Animal Soul, Delaware Pet Cremations ( & I keep her urn in my home office, where I spend most of my time. I also wear some of her fur & cremains in a special memorial necklace, so I can have her with me always. For me, it was like losing a child. I still cannot believe she is gone & i miss her little face & silly antics daily.

Tiny Cat (and the rest of my kitty menagerie) adored the crocheted cat toys I made.
So, in treasured memory of my cherished baby, I offer you the same entertaining & lovingly crocheted toys, for you to share with your precious companions.

New for 2012: We've recently been busy creating precious, one of a kind trinkets for the Kitties' humans! Every piece is patiently & painstakingly hand-crafted right down to the minutest detail. We know you will love them as much as we love making them!