Handmade Crochet and Knit Hats Cowls Headbands Patterns

This photo was an outtake from a shoot, but I used it anyway because it is so fun!

Happiness Comes in Small Packages: Love in Every Stitch

Hi there! I am Ari, designer, knitter/crocheter, and owner of TinySheep.

When I design a new item and corresponding pattern, I aim to create a timeless, heirloom-quality piece with colors and textures that I would wear myself. It takes time to fully realize my ideas for each piece, but when I am finished, I make sure I am completely satisfied with it before I share it with the Etsy world.

I could not be more excited when I get the beginnings of a new piece in my head. It takes everything in me to not drop what I'm doing and create it, right then and there. Sometimes I draw them out, and sometimes I just get out my materials and start working. I never stop working, because I am always looking to make my customers the happiest they could be - love in every stitch!

Thanks for stopping by!

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I am a designer living in LA!