TipJarsAreUs' Shop Announcement

What inspired me to make tip jars is the fact that I am a musician. ( and The more tips I receive only adds to my income. I searched for tip jars and had little luck finding any that were interesting. The ones I found looked like ordinary glass jars that you see at bars and cocktail lounges. It is hard to find cool tip jars that draw attention. So I made an interesting one for the band and it really helped it get noticed and more people put money in the jar! It inspired me to make other interesting tip jars. Ordinary tip jars that just say 'Tips' make it appear like you are 'begging' for extra money. However, cute, clever tip jars make people laugh and smile and they are more apt to put something in there. Also, I figure that since having an interesting tip jar helped me, I can make jars to help other people in this struggling economy to make a few extra bucks.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.