TitiriteroDesign's Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting the Titiritero Design Shop, the place to find items available only here. I’m proud to open shop with two unique pieces: the Lucky Deck Archetypical Playing Cards and The Luckiest Kids in the World book.

The Lucky Deck is a labor of love, it came together in a desire to utilize the card design process that gave birth to our current decks of Playing and Tarot cards, and apply it to the creation of an original, progressive deck. The result is a custom pack that is appealing to playing cards collectors, as well as intriguing and entertaining to play with, for everyone who loves beautiful cards.

The Luckiest Kids in the World book tells the story of a real-life treasure hunt on a deserted beach in South Florida. The events are delightfully written through the voice of a 9 years old boy. The book is skillfully illustrated with altered photos of the actual events as well as spots illustrations. In addition to be a beautiful object, the book will surely entertain the whole family.

As for my store’s name, Titritero, it means juggler or puppeteer in Spanish. The name represents well my design life, a constant juggling with art history, graphic design and life events that made these two unique pieces possible. I’m already working on more, so please add me to you favorites and come back again.