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Welcome to Tobster Glass's Shop!
I'm a glass blower from the Southside of Chicago. I'm a realistic and down to earth artist who creates art with glass. There's many myths and made up terminology pertaining to glass. I'm not going to sit here and tell you my work is "double" or "triple" blown because those words don't exist in glassblowing. I will however tell you exactly what type of glass I use in the items description. I take EVERY step to ensure my final product is of quality and can be depended on. I anneal (process to increase glass strength) all of my work no matter how small. I use ONLY American glass unless stated otherwise.

Common myths
My glass isnt "pyrex", it is 33coe (borosilicate) made by Kimble. Pyrex is a company that makes 33coe, Pyrex should not be confused with a type of glass as many sellers advertise it to be. The brand of glass I use is the same glass laboratories all over the world use.
"Double" & "triple" blown items do NOT exist in the glass blowing world. You can blow into glass tube as many times as you want and it will not increase the glass strength. However my work is made properly with every step taken to ensure quality work. In every item description I will include the type of glass used along with thickness if it is a pipe.


I accept Paypal and Credit cards. If I haven't received your payment within 7 days I assume you will not be paying and will re list the item you have purchased. If you reside in Illinois there will be a 9.5% tax as I am a tax payer.


Pipes are shipped priority mail (2-3 days). Pendants, Ornaments, Jewelry and figurines are shipped First Class (2-5 days). If my work is in stock it will be shipped out the same day. If it isn't It will be shipped out the next day. Since USPS basically runs on business days I also run on business days. For instance if you order on a Friday it's possible your work won't be shipped out until Monday, although usually it will go out on Saturday.

YOU are responsible for knowing your own address. I will ship it to the address you give me. If it's a little off USPS will let me know and correct it...For example you don't put Drive or Avenue on your street address. If the address is undeliverable and returns to me I have no problem shipping it out again. However it will be shipped out First Class since it's coming out of my pocket.

If you have an undeliverable address, the product returns to me and you want a refund that's no problem either. However I will not refund the shipping cost because I don't get reimbursed for that.

Refunds and Exchanges

I'm agreeable to returning products if they are in the same condition I sent them out in. There must be a plausible and realistic reason for the return.

Additional Policies and FAQs

I do alot of custom work so don't hesitate on contacting me to discuss an idea. If you want wholesale contact me and we can discuss prices.

Seller Information

You can reach me at Tobsterglass [!at] for additional information or message me on here.

Last Updated April 5, 2015