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Welcome and enjoy your shopping! Please see announcement before buying something

Flower bouquet lecien and Briar rose also available (Heather ross )

We're not taking asap orders. Lately the customer asking for asap orders but we're refused it , and later they agreed their order is not asap and purchased it , but later/unhappy/ complaint after the purchase (they want us to do asap ) and we need to process their order first .
This is not the place for you to keep on change for not asap orders to become your orders is the priority than the other orders, we need to process first come first serve except there's the same design we can cut together.

It's the same when you go to the cinema/restaurant/supermarket cashier etc, if there's a line you need to queue on the line, when the line will be finish? We don't know exactly when, it could be faster , it could be slower.
If you want the shop to process your order first than the other order you have to pay $50 extra for service charge. Also if the customers want to get treated special need to add $50 service charge example request to buy the specific design when the shop has to keep it to fulfill the customers who already paid first.

Please allow 7 business days or More to process your order, for only 1 or 3 days purchase "please do not ask us to send your order first than the others" because we need to process the orders first come first serve or there's order with the same design we can cut together.

Please send a conversation to make a custom listing if you need several design.

This shop not receive rush orders or urgent orders
The fabric picture from the manufacture most of the time almost the same with the fabric, if it doesn't ,it means it can't be 100% the same with the fabric , you must understand it's artwork printed to the fabric from the manufacture.If the bundles pictures different than the fabric , we can't expect 100% the same

flat envelopes international rates:
domestic usa $5.85
Canada $19.95
International $23.95

medium box
domestic usa $ 12.50
Canada $40.95
International $59.95

large box
domestic usa $ 16.85
Canada $53.95
International $77.95

Please ignore the flat rate shipping rates $13.95 for international on the description
it has increase to $23.95

flat rate envelope shipping can fit 10 to 12 yards cotton sheet fabric (depends on the fabric thickness)
canvas fabric 6 yards

All the fabric is not intended for children sleepwear

In order you package to arrive in close condition we have to put tape outside USPS packaging (several customers have request that ). Otherwise mostly it will get torn/rip when the package arrived.You need to open gently with your cutter/scissors. If you need your order to be pack in several envelopes because don't want to put maximum in 1 envelopes let me know ( but you need to pay for the extra envelopes).

"WE RESERVED the right to refuse/cancel the purchase to anyone"
The custom/reserved listing you need to let us know when you will purchase / cancel/still need time to purchase (if we are agree ) otherwise we could cancel anytime

(if you are fabric retailer in USA please do not purchase here )
I just don't want to happen again, some maybe a good person but I don't know and doesn't want to have a risk to happen again . What do you think if you're selling the same product and got a not good feedback from a fabric retailer/competitor?Pay minimum for the shipping and want to put everything in 1 envelopes ( I said I'll try and I found it's not easy) and later she complaint about that in the not a good feedback ( she can pay more for the shipping if she wants to put in several envelopes to get more room if didn't want to put more tape in the envelopes otherwise the package will get torn and it will be damage on the way) plus keep on ask several times where to buy the fabric that I sell in order to change the feedback. It's so hassle and unethical. (If you think you're really a good person why that retailer do that here, this is not the place for her to do something like that ( nobody like it anyway, I wish it never happen to another seller)
Would yourself buy from your competitor and put a warning and not a good feedback there?(I wouldn't)
It's a shill.

you can still convo me when do you need your package anytime 7 days (deliver only business day monday to friday)

We will not use double packaging except you ask via convo to double wrap with plastic before the shipment and if we are agree with that

The 2 negative feedback in the shop the customer because she said no plastic wrap inside and the fabric not a good design and contact the shop again 2 times want to buy fabric again.

If someone unsatisfied with the design or fabric quality, you can address your dissapointment to the designer and the manufacture since we didn't make that fabric.
It's unfair to put all the negative feedback here because of the fabric design or quality of the fabric, you need to put in the item review not in the shop feedback
(etsy doesn't provide item review)
(without requesting it to put the plastic first and said the cardboard flat envelopes it's a bloody cardboard, well...I don't know about the process of making the usps flat envelopes might happen if they cut the tree and fallen to some animal, but this shop will not provide plastic wrap (plastic is not an expensive items but we don't want double packaging) except you request it first ,you need to provide a good reasons and get a response if we are agree with that.The package was arrived safely in close condition but the customer still want to have another plastic wrap inside otherwise become poor packaging (if you need good looking custom packaging with ribbon please add $50 service and material charge ) and unhappy and think that is a poor form (you have to pay to get special packaging inside but the post office packaging we can't change it ) and the customer said the environmental issue that's my issue which I think is incorrect. Just because of one of the international customer we don't want to change that.
FYI there's not even one of US customers request or insist to put a double wrap with the plastic. ( if you go to the groceries, you have to pay for the plastic bag, basically already get ban in this state)

FYI we're not the one who designed those packaging envelopes ( if you want better packaging you can send here your good packaging for us to wrap with that) ,but as you can see there was a sign/logo on the Flat rate envelopes "Cradle to Cradle Certified", the envelopes has been awarded for their ecologically-inteligent design. US Post office is not beyond our control, you can suggest something to them if the post office can change their packaging design more flowery.
We need to follow USPS rules to use those envelopes for flat rates.
We are not obligate to put double packaging, the fabric is not a fragile item, we have to put the tape in the outer package so the package will not get torn, you have to open with cutter or scissors gently

Using many plastic is not good for the environmental issue, you and me are not the only one who live in this planet,environmental issue is for everybody and for your grandchild and future generation including animals.
about plastic ban :
please check out the video/news

It's been my pleasure to work with many wonderful customer,I wish their life will be lots of love,wisdom,always stay healthy (especially if the country doesn't have a good health care system ),successful and beneficial to others ,to them and to the universe

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No international shipment for the country that has high crime rate/ a lot of undelivered packages/missing packages
No shipment to Africa (missing package),North Korea

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