TomsPhotography's Shop Announcement

My interest in photography began as a teenager. My cousin, the late Bernie Kolenberg, was a staff photographer for the Albany Times Union in Albany, New York. In the 1950's I would go on various assignments with him as a bag boy, when time allowed. This allowed me to study him at his craft. The more I saw, the more I was inspired to continue in this field. He taught me more in one day than a month in a classroom. He taught me how important light is, what F. stop to use, when to use flash and how to use varying setups and when to take the 'Shot.'

He also schooled me in not to fear taking chances to obtain the image you're trying to capture. I owe a lot to Bernie for all he taught me and I will never forget him for as long as I live.

In the 1960's we lost Bernie while on assignment in 'Nam for his beloved Albany Times Union. He died doing what he loved best... making pictures...

My interest in photography is as strong, if not stronger, today as in my teenage years. My subjects range from flowers, people, places, sporting events, concerts and whatever catches my wandering eye, and one little house pet who I photographed almost daily from the day I brought her home from the shelter. Little 'Gabbie' will be featured on this site. Thank you for your visit and we hope to hear from you often.

Tom Curley
Hudson, N.Y.