TonyGnyc's Shop Announcement

Mr. Pleater Board(Designed and Tailored by Fashion Designer TONY G) will help you create perfect pleats in a fast and easy way. Tuck fabric over/under the louvers, then press and set.

This shop now carries the Mr. Pleater Board in 10 different sizes, and also offers custom size requests, up to 26" in width/length. A few examples:

1/2"(12"W X 3"L)
1/2"(12"W X 6"L)
1/2"(16"W X 3"L)
1/2"(26"W X 12"L)
1/2"(12"W X 22"L)
1/2"(16"W X 22"L)
1/2"(12"W X 24"L)
1/2"(16"W X 24"L)
1/2"(24"W X 24"L)
1/2"(12"W X 26"L)
1/2"(16"W X 26"L)
1/2"(26"W X 26"L)

3/4"(12"W X 3"L)
3/4"(12"W X 6"L)
3/4"(16"W X 3"L)
3/4"(26"W X 12"L)
3/4"(12"W X 22"L)
3/4"(16"W X 22"L)
3/4"(22"W X 22"L)
3/4"(12"W X 24"L)
3/4"(16"W X 24"L)
3/4"(24"W X 24"L)
3/4"(26"W X 26"L)

1"(12"W X 3"L)
1"(12"W X 6"L)
1"(16"W X 3"L)
1"(26"W X 12"L)
1"(12"W X 16"L)
1"(12"W X 22"L)
1"(16"W X 22"L)
1"(22"W X 22"L)
1"(12"W X 24"L)
1"(16"W X 24"L)
1"(24"W X 24"L)
1"(12"W X 26"L)
1"(16"W X 26"L)
1"(26"W X 26"L)

Just send me a message or click the request custom item link, and I will send you a quote within 24 hours.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.