TopsyTurvyDolls' Shop Announcement

Welcome to the world of "Topsy Turvy" Dolls, also known as "Reversible", "Double", "Flip", or "Upside Down" Dolls. They are dolls with a SECRET! Read on.
My dolls are sad on one side, but give that doll a hug, turn her over, and Voila! she is happy. They are excellent tools for teachers and therapists.
Each side is dressed in a totally different outfit. Some have (ooh la la!) feather boas as blouses. Some are dressed in Occidental clothing, some in African and some in Asian clothing.
Please note that SOME, but not all, of my dolls have buttons that are glued on very securely with Fabritac Glue. It is the best fabric glue in the industry. But I only feel that it is right to say that very tiny children should not be allowed to put these buttons in their mouths.
Browse around and understand that you are viewing only a SMALL portion of what I have made. (over 125 dolls). You may request a doll in certain colors, and if I don't already have one, I will do my best to make one to order.