ToyTentsAndChairs' Shop Announcement

Handmade toy pop up tents with 2 sleeping bags, toy wood folding lawn chairs and tooth fairy pillows for kids. Fun pretend play with a child's little toy “friends” such as GI Joe, Barbie, action figures, Dora, Bratz dolls, Neopets, Webkins, Beanie Babies, Hello Kitty, dinosaurs, Lalaloopsy, stuffed animals,Girlz, Zhu Zhu Pets, Blythe, etc.

Great gifts for children that inspire imagination and creative play. I use a large variety of colors that appeal to both boys and girls.

The tents and chairs fold flat so are easily taken camping, to Grandma's house, a friend's house or anywhere else to play, require very little space to store when not being used and are easy to wrap or ship if being given as a gift. The tooth fairy pillows can also be used as a little pillow in the pop up tent.

All of the tents, chairs and tooth fairy pillows in my shop were handmade by me.

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