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Rockhound to Beadaholic

My story begins in a small town in CT. As a child I loved exploring the outdoors. You could find me digging in the dirt, collecting rocks and "fossils" in my backyard. When we hit the beach, I'd stroll along trolling for beach glass, shells, and weathered rocks.

To my mother's dismay, I kept my discoveries in my room, on shelves, on the window sills, in various vases swiped from cabinets... I was hooked!

As I got older I frequented rock shops, making some fabulous natural stone purchases including an amazing rose quartz and raw amethyst that I still have today, and brought home stones found on hikes or on trips to other parts of the country.

Fast forward years later....

After college I moved to Boston, MA. On a whim a few friends and I took a simple beaded earring class at a local bead shop. That was all it took for me to rediscover my love for stones.

This time around I'm using gorgeous stones, to adorn others, not just my bedroom and I'm loving it :)
Tracy McMahon
owner, maker, designer, Photographer
Simply put, I love creating modern, beautiful jewelry that women love to wear. I like to dabble with minimalist, geometric, and boho chic looks that work along side my more traditional pieces. There is a little something for everyone in my shop!

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